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Diseases of the urinary tract in recent times too often disturb people, giving them considerable discomfort. Especially prone to inflammation of women. Often the infection penetrates into their body during pregnancy, because immunity at this time is reduced. The danger lies in the fact that at this time can not take most of the drugs. And therefore often in this case, prescribe "Zhuravit." Instructions for use recommends it for various diseases of the urinary tract. Accept it even during pregnancy. The safety of the drug is due to its natural composition and a special form of release in the form of soft capsules.

What is included in the preparation

Why is it so often with inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract prescribe "Zhuravit"? Instructions for use explains this by its unique composition. The main active ingredient of the drug - cranberry extract large-fruited.And about the healing properties of this plant has long been known. In ancient times, cranberry decoction successfully treated edema and renal colic. Therefore, the drug is now considered quite effective.zhuravit instructions for use whether childrenBut it also includes some auxiliary components:

  • soy lecithin emulsifier;
  • vegetable oil;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • silicon dioxide stabilizer.

In addition, food gelatin, glycerol and dyes are part of the capsule shell.

Action features

Even in antiquity, it was known that cranberry normalizes the activity of the urinary system. The composition of this plant includes many vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, cranberry has antioxidant, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and diuretic action.Cranes instructions for use during pregnancyThe optimally selected concentration of the extract of this plant ensures the high effectiveness of the “Zhuravit” preparation. Instructions for use describes it as a means of improving the functioning of the urinary system. In addition, "Zhuravit" has a diuretic, as well as a slight anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action. When applied, vessels are strengthened.swelling and improvement of the excretion of intestinal stick from the urinary tract, which is in most cases the cause of inflammation.

When applied "Zhuravit"

The drug does not apply to drugs. This is a biologically active food supplement, and is used most often for the prevention of diseases of the urinary system. But many doctors prescribe "Zhuravit" and in cases where inflammation is already developing.Cranes instructions for use analoguesThe drug is needed when the patient is contraindicated to take antibiotics and other potent drugs. It is also used as an adjunct in the complex therapy of cystitis, urethritis, bacteriuria in pregnant women, as well as for the prevention of infections after surgical interventions or diagnostic procedures. But before applying, you must consult a doctor, because the drug can cause severe allergic reactions.

How to take "Zhuravit"

Most often, patients learn about the drug after going to a doctor. The specialist prescribes it for milder forms of cystitis or as an adjuvant. How to drink "Zhuravit"? Instructions for use recommends doing it in one capsule according to the following scheme:

  • in the first three days they take the medicine three times a day;
  • then once a day in the morning.

The duration of treatment is usually 2-4 weeks, but it all depends on the complexity of the disease and the individual characteristics of the organism, therefore it is better if the doctor prescribes the dosage.crank instruction reviews

Whether all can use the drug

Since this is a dietary supplement that has a natural composition, it almost has no contraindications. If the patient does not have individual intolerance to the components of the drug, then he will not harm him. Even pregnant women are allowed to take "Zhuravit" instructions for use. Can children give this medicine, many parents are interested? After all, most drugs for the treatment of cystitis are based on chemicals and have many side effects. Therefore, it is preferable to treat the child with herbal remedies. Of these, cranberry is best suited for urinary tract infections. Therefore, Zhuravit is the subject of choice for the treatment and prevention of cystitis in children.

"Zhuravit" during pregnancy

A woman waiting for a child is more susceptible to various infections.Very often at this time there are also diseases of the urinary system. But doctors try to prescribe antibiotics only in the most extreme cases.

Cranes instructions for use

Therefore, Zhuravit is often used in this situation. Instructions for use during pregnancy recommends drinking it under medical supervision and in minimal doses. During treatment, urine should be tested regularly. Every woman should decide for herself whether she should take this dietary supplement, because it can cause an allergic reaction. But the observations of doctors show that taking "Zhuravit" during pregnancy helps to get rid of edema, improves the functioning of the urinary system and eliminates pathogenic microorganisms. Although official recommendations to take dietary supplements for pregnant women do not contain "Zhuravit" instructions for use.

Drug reviews

Like any other dietary supplement, "Zhuravit" is very controversial. Many believe that it is useless, because it does not contain potent substances. Therefore, some people complain that they threw away money in vain. There is even an opinion that it was possible to buy just a cranberry, and it would be cheaper, because the drug costs about 600 rubles.cranes instruction manual reviewsBut Zhuravit, in addition to the plant component, also contains auxiliary substances.Therefore, it is not only better tolerated, especially in diseases of the stomach, but it is much more convenient to take it than cranberry juice. But some patients who have been prescribed several drugs for the treatment of cystitis doubt whether it is worth taking Zhuravit. Instructions, reviews of the drug and its possible side effects leave many patients on the forums about medications. Opinions, of course, are different. But in favor of the drug says at least that it is easily tolerated, effectively removes edema during pregnancy and helps to remove the infection from the urinary tract without side effects. That is why the instructions for use are obligatory for studying before taking the medicine "Zhuravit".

Analogs of the drug

It has long been known that cranberry is very effective in cystitis. Therefore, when choosing analogues "Zhuravita", it is necessary to focus on the composition of drugs. The closest to him in action and the content of biologically active substances - tablets "Monural". The price is about the same: 30 pieces cost about 450 rubles. But some believe that Monural is more effective. Cranberry extract can also be purchased in the form of syrup or lozenges.These dietary supplements are much cheaper - only about 100 rubles, but their effectiveness in cystitis has not been proven. There is another good drug - "Solgar", also based on the extract of this plant, but its price is much more expensive - about 1000 rubles. In any case, when choosing a drug or its analogue, you should consult with your doctor. Be healthy!

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