Renowned director Yuri Mamin demonstrated a high-class piano playing. The reason for the unusual classes in public was the premiere of his film "Do not think about white monkeys." Just the director decided to arrange the premiere of a special scenario, not like everyone else. Instead of the usual director’s appearance on the stage and the group’s performances before the show, the actor Mikhail Tarabukin addressed the public.
- I want to introduce you not just a director, but a composer, teacher, husband, father, and brother, Yuri Borisovich Mamin!
To the applause of the guests, the director walked around the stage and, to the surprise of many, walked down from her without saying a word. Instead, Mamin went to the piano, which, of course, was hidden “in the bushes” of the cinema hall, and began to improvise. On the screen were shown fragments of everything that Mamin had done in films and on television. There were shots from the "Holiday of Neptune", the films "Fountain", "Window to Paris" and "Sideburns".

In the photo: Yuri MaminIn the photo: Yuri Mamin
The viewers were elegantly reminded of the creations of the film satirist, a talented student of Eldar Ryazanov.And then Yuri Mamin went up to the stage to present a small group: Lyudmila Samokhvalov (wife and producer of the film), actor Mikhail Tarabukin, musician and arranger Roman Zaslavsky.
- The film was shot quickly, in 3 months, but it took almost 4 years to reach the viewer. If it were not for my wife, who donated her acting career, went into production and found money to complete the film, the film might have remained on the shelf. She managed to convince investors to help the picture. - Told Mamin about creating a picture.
Also, the director told a very interesting fact that the actors worked on the site under the metronome. Perhaps this practice was used for the first time in our cinema. Therefore, the poetic rhythm of the film sounds like music. Well, and most importantly - in the picture there is not a single musical pause. The melody is present all hour forty minutes!
At the premiere could not be the daughter of director Katerina Ksenyev, who played a major role in "Do not think about white monkeys." Katerina is now in New York, where she is preparing the American premiere of the film. But in an interview with journalists, the director commented on the decision to invite his daughter to his new project.
- Just for "Monkeys" could not find an equal actress. - Admitted Mamin.- I did not expect that Katie would have such abilities. I gave up when I saw her graduation performance at Yuri Tomoshevsky's “Santa Cruz”. This was a very strong job. She has another quality besides the actor's temperament - she is a workaholic. And for her there are no trifles.
Yesterday, "Do not think about white monkeys" started at the box office. Only 40 copies, but this does not upset the director.
“Tarkovsky was shown in one cinema in Moscow, and the famous comedy“ Window to Paris ”was performed in that same Paris for six months in a row,” adds the director. The new film Mamina is extremely unusual and, at times, it seems difficult to understand, although, as the director says, “this is not a film, but a dance of words, and this means that in this amazing dance two of them waltz: satire and actuality.”

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