Why the computer monitor does not work

No personal computer can do withoutdevice output image - monitor. The failure of a sound card, a drive for reading CDs and even a mouse with a keyboard does not frighten the user like a situation when the computer monitor does not work.

In this article we will consider the most frequentlythe problems encountered in the operation of the monitor and give recommendations for their elimination. Black screen - this is not a reason to panic and assume that the monitor does not work. Very often the problem is "on the surface" and is easily removable at home. But first we will indicate in which cases it is still possible to avoid visiting the service center. Such "real" breakages, fortunately, are rare.

All modern monitors with liquid crystalthe screens are radically different from their predecessors based on CRT (cathode-ray tubes). Reduced size and weight - it's just the "tip of the iceberg", because the very principle of image building has changed. The picture is formed on a so-called matrix, which is a field of a huge number of microscopic transistors, polarized liquid crystals, and a control circuit. Very often the matrix itself is OK, but it happens that the monitor does not work (black screen). Behind the transparent matrix inside the case is a backlight lamp, due to which the formed image becomes visible. In the latest models, these lamps are increasingly replaced with blocks of light-emitting diodes. If the monitor does not work, then this backlight unit could fail. In the workshops it is easy to replace, however, this will amount to 1/3 of the cost of the monitor.

Systematic use of any electronicTechnique at higher (more than 240 V) or lower (less than 200 V) voltage can cause it to fail. In monitors, the main load comes from the power supply, and it can also be damaged. In case of voltage problems, the electronics must be switched on via the automatic regulator. The remaining faults are specific and are much less common.

So, why does not the monitor work? Many computers have a built-in graphics card. But since its performance is low, often a more powerful discrete one is purchased and inserted into the PCI-Express connector on the motherboard. After that, simply switching the cable from the monitor to the computer is not enough. It is necessary in the BIOS to select the appropriate output device, otherwise the screen will be dark, which will serve as an excuse to state that the monitor does not work.

Sometimes the manufacturer installs immediatelyseveral connectors: DVI, D-Sub, etc. In addition to the properly connected cable, you must select the desired source in the monitor menu. Digital is DVI, analog is D-Sub. With the new HDMI and Display Port the situation is similar.

The cable must be securely fixed inconnector, otherwise the most innocuous thing that can happen is color distortion, and the worst is the damage to the video card. Bad contact in the connector can cause a dark screen. The state of the cable also applies here: there should be no damage.

Buttons-tumblers on modern equipmentare established all less often. The monitors use touch buttons. Due to a logic error, this button may turn off automatically. The user will not know why his favorite monitor stopped shining. The power button should be pressed and held for a little longer than usual.

Any monitor just displays a picture, formed from digital signals of the computer. If the video card is damaged, the screen will not show anything. You should check it with another card.

If the cord from the wall outlet (for models with built-in power supply) is not sufficiently firmly inserted in the connector, the monitor will not work. Check the quality of the contact.

If suddenly the monitor does not work, there are several reasons, and all of them are mostly removable.

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