Why does a man avoid?

As if yesterday he was near: he called and came, wrote gentle sms, wished good night. And today he is quite a stranger, thinking all the time about his own. Tomorrow does not portend anything good, it completely disappears and cannot reach him. Why does a man avoid? Where do all the affectionate words, declarations of love, complements and promises go?


Let's remember how it all began. What was his view, what were these meetings like? Where is everything gone? Maybe on one of these dates you said something extra, or irrelevant? Something that really hurt him? Men are weak people, they are even easier to be touched than women, but they carefully hide their offense, and this results in such consequences. It is quite another thing when a woman in a fit of emotions sweeps out anger openly. Express everything that she does not like and in half an hour will turn into a sweet and kind creature, unwilling to break relationships. If you begin to understand what is at stake, it is better to apologize to your boyfriend and everything will return to normal.


You ask yourself: "Well, why does a man avoid meeting me?" The answer may be hiding his feelings for you. There are two concepts of "love" and "love", which are practically unrelated to each other. Love is a passion, turbulent emotions that soon pass almost without a trace. Another thing is love, which sometimes comes not so suddenly, but remains for life. Perhaps your boyfriend was in love with you, so he said so many beautiful words, promised to move mountains for you. Maybe he himself believed in it, but now the love passed and the harsh reality came. Feelings are cold. Want to return them? Take a chance if you are sure that you need them. But know that this is like a match that aroused and died out for good.


Why does a guy avoid a girl he doesn't plan to part with? Probably, he, therefore, asks you for a time out. He probably has his own business, except for you: business, work, hobbies, hobbies, gym, friends. Or maybe he just wants to take a break from you? Yes, you do not like this assumption, but perhaps it is the only true one.


Another reason why a man avoids a woman lies in intimacy. Or rather, in its absence, enumeration or poor quality.If you decide to keep your loved one on a "dry ration", he may, sooner or later, rebel, and if you have too much sex in your relationship - he will quickly get bored. "Mind cannot understand a man, science is powerless of logic ...". You may have found a middle ground, but there is an option that he simply does not like what you do in bed. And this is very significant for him, because what kind of relationship can there be if a person does not suit you sexually? So, if he is just beginning to feel cold from him, do not wait until he leaves, take control of the situation and change your behavior. Buy a beautiful underwear, behave more relaxed, do everything to give him real pleasure.


I do not want to believe in such things. You have to trust your man, but only in order not to ask yourself "why the guy avoids me," check. See, feel that he began to cool, spends little time with you, all the time somewhere in a hurry? Take a closer look, maybe you should check his faithfulness? Or maybe it's time to start to avoid him yourself?


A very common reason to avoid a person is his annoyance.Many girls do not notice how pretty they can get bored in just one day. Remember how many times a day they sawed it for a reason and without it. How many times did you raise your voice? And how many times did they call, write and confess their love in one day? Girls, dear, we should be riddles for them, and not open books that scream at the top of their voices: “why, why does he avoid me?”. Believe me, every man in the soul is a real conqueror and he does not want to get you just like that, without much effort.

Most importantly, remember that “you cannot be forced into love” and that a loving man will find his soul mate at the edge of the world. Do not chase him and best of all, stop calling. You can always find another man, even if it takes a little time!

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