Why does it hurt to have sex?

Most often, the question of why it is painful to have sex is encountered with regularly recurring discomfort during sex. We will consider just such cases, but only those related to sex in its traditional sense, that is, classical sexual intercourse. As for isolated cases of pain, they can be caused primarily by microtraumas in the genital area. In these cases, it is better to wait two or three days and give them a little rest and recover. But if the pain is repeated, then it should be a deeper study of its causes. We will tell you about the main causes of such pain.

Why does a girl hurt to have sex

In fact, almost half of girls and women face such a problem. The reasons can be very different, and sometimes, except the gynecologist, nobody here can not help. We will talk about the most typical cases of pain.

  • Lack of lubrication

    The most common cause of pain is due to the dryness of the vagina.Why does this happen? First, this happens because a woman can take various drugs and medications, such as antidepressants, which greatly reduce the production of natural lubrication. It may also be associated with menopause or with a period of lactation. At this time, the female body is also not always able to produce a sufficient amount of the desired substance. There is a very simple way out of this situation: it is enough to buy a water-based lubricant at the store, and the problem of dryness and pain will disappear.

  • Lack of arousal

    Partly this problem is connected with the previous one, but only partly because here the reason for the dryness is the lack of readiness of the woman for sexual intercourse. If a girl or woman is not ready for intimacy, then sexual intercourse in this case may well be accompanied by pain. Both partners should take part in solving this problem. A man needs to pay more attention to the prelude, and a woman to learn to relax. Very often it is precisely the constraint in which, by the way, both are to blame. It is possible in this case to use lubricants, but only if it is not possible to achieve the production of lubricant in a natural way, exciting the partner.

  • Gynecological diseases

    Such a diagnosis can only be made by a gynecologist. If you use a lubricant, but the pain still remains, you should immediately consult a doctor. Speech here can go about such diseases as inflammation of the vaginal mucosa. It can be colpitis, cervical erosion, inflammation or growth of the uterine lining - endometritis, endometriosis, various benign tumors (myoma, uterine fibroids), inflammation of the appendages and others. Not excluded the option of sexually transmitted diseases. Also, pain can occur when having sex during menstruation. If pain arises in a woman who has given birth, then perhaps this is caused by a rupture of the scar tissue. In any case, if the pain during sex is regular, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist and not self-medicate.

Why does the guy hurt to have sex

In men and men, pain during sex is usually much less common, but also occurs. Among the most common causes of pain in men, we highlight various infections. It is primarily about such diseases as candidiasis (or thrush), which occurs in men usually in a hidden (latent) state, but sometimes manifests as a burning sensation during and after sexual intercourse. Thrush can also be accompanied by itching.In this case, you should consult with your doctor and undergo a course of treatment, which usually includes taking certain drugs that destroy the fungus.

Another reason may be various injuries of the penis. Perhaps you hit him somewhere, pressed hard, etc. By the way, trauma may well occur during intercourse, especially in the position of "woman on top". Sexologists recommend in such cases to adhere to more traditional poses such as missionary or "doggie-style", that is, when a woman stands on all fours and a man enters her from behind. Among other reasons why it is painful for a man to have sex, there can be venereal and chronic diseases in the genital area. For regularly recurring pains, be sure to consult a doctor.

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