Why is he not calling?

Many girls experienced an unpleasant situation when love relationships with a young man are just beginning to develop, and he abruptly disappears without explanation, stops calling and writing, does not agree to go to a meeting, sometimes ignoring all sorts of attention on your part. In this article we will understand what reasons may provoke such behavior of a young man and how a girl to behave in such a position.

Loss of interest

The most common reason that a man has ceased to make contact and to show any steps on his part is the loss of interest. Hoping that you will guess everything yourself, the man moves away. How to solve this situation? Have the courage and call your beloved young man, let him explain to you what is happening. Of course, to hear from him the refusal in a relationship with you is painful and unpleasant, but you will no longer torment yourself with endless questions and continue the search for love.

All causes in it

Young people, no matter how seemingly confident they are, always have the fear that you will be too good for him and he will not be able to become a worthy partner for you.It is believed that the relationship in which the lady is much more successful than men, is doomed to failure. Maybe it's your beauty or good education and successful work. What to do in this case? Let the man know that you consider him a worthy partner. But think about whether you need such a notorious and insecure young man.

Fear of rapprochement

If a young man is aware of the fact that you recently broke up with a guy, he may feel just a “outlet” after a painful break. A young man may be frightened by the fact that you still have feelings for your former partner. Slightly hindering the process of dating, a person wants to give you the opportunity to understand himself and protects his heart from another disappointment. Some girls make the mistake of talking about their former lover of filth. A young man may be frightened that when parting you will also throw mud at him at every opportunity. Therefore, do not rush. Give your partner time to get used to you, get to know you closer. Only in this way can a person fully trust, and where there is trust, there is love.


Most of all a man can scare away the excessive activity of a woman. It often happens that a woman feels that relationships develop very slowly, without vivid emotions and passionate feelings. Ladies are always emotional, dreamy and love to make plans in advance. Some girls just can not be alone, and they are guided by the desire to get closer to the young man as soon as possible so as not to feel feelings of depression. Perhaps you have already thought about where to go on a honeymoon, and your chosen one does not even perceive you as his girlfriend. In this case, he is trying by all means to slow down your ardor. He does not call, does not call in the cinema and does not invite for dates. How to behave in such a situation? Do not hurry! Let the young man take the lead in your relationship. If you stop putting pressure on a man, then the relationship will develop naturally and everything will turn out well.

We believe that you will succeed! And if not, then do not be afraid to go towards a new love!

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