Why give flowers?

It is always nice to receive gifts for no reason. Any girl would be pleased to receive as a gift a bouquet from a guy or a fan just like that. Despite this, there are certain rules of etiquette that relate to the tradition of giving flowers. You can read about how flowers are given and how to do it correctly in this article.

What are the reasons to give flowers?

Immediately, we note that in most cultures it is not accepted to give flowers to men. It is allowed to come to the anniversary for a man with flowers, but it is better to give a bouquet to his spouse or daughter.

Flowers can be given:

  • With no reason. Give your women flowers for no reason sometimes, at least a couple of times a year, without any desire to derive any benefit from it or pay tribute to traditions. Any lady will appreciate such a spiritual impulse and will certainly respond to you with some pleasant surprise in the future.
  • As an excuse. A good way to ask for forgiveness is to give a bouquet and say words of apology to someone you wrongly offended.flowersThe chances for early reconciliation in this case increase by several times, as your lady will certainly melt from such attention and an unexpected surprise.
  • On a date.It is considered good form to give flowers when you go on a date with a girl. It is not for nothing that the period of establishing a relationship between a man and a woman is often called “candy-bouquet”. It does not have to be a big and expensive bouquet. What is important is the fact that you want to please the girl. Try to casually find out from her or from someone of her acquaintances which flowers the girl prefers the most. So you will expose yourself not only a romantic, but also a very sensitive and attentive young man.
  • Birthday. One of the main reasons for giving flowers is the birthday. Going to a birthday party for a mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, friend, colleague - in a word, to any woman, no matter what relationship you have, it will always be appropriate to drop by this to the flower shop.flowers
  • Anniversary. Another serious reason to present flowers as a gift is an anniversary. In the anniversary bouquet, it is common to give as many flowers as the anniversary is celebrated. Flowers in this bouquet is better to use the same. When choosing a bouquet for an elderly person, try to avoid too dark or too bright color shades.
  • Valentine's Day, International Women's Day and other holidays. For many public and private family holidays, such as a wedding anniversary, it is also customary to give flowers to women. However, on what holidays it is worth doing, and on which it is not at all necessary, you have to decide for yourself.

The value of flowers in the bouquet

In some cultures, especially in the East, the giving of flowers was given special, sacral meaning. It was believed that by choosing colors of a certain color, the man wanted to convey some message to the one to whom they were intended.

  • It is customary to give dark red or burgundy flowers to a woman with whom you have close love relationships (to his wife, mistress).flowers
  • Red flowers can be given to family members and those with whom you have a delicate relationship.
  • Pink is a universal color. Such flowers can be given to anyone for any reason.
  • Yellow flowers usually hint at a quick parting.
  • Violet and lilac shades of colors are intended for bright and extraordinary personalities.

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