Why do lips swell?

The lips are such a part of the body, which is usually rarely what happens, so if suddenly something unpleasant happens to them, then we are very confused. If suddenly your lip is swollen, what to do in this case?

Lips on face

If suddenly swollen lips on your face are not the result of a plastic surgeon's work, then you will most likely be alarmed by such a change in your appearance. So why do lips swell?

Causes of swelling

Causes of lip swelling on the face may be different. Of course, in such a situation it is worth contacting a doctor who can accurately determine the disease and prescribe treatment, but let's still consider those cases that may result in this trouble.

  1. Allergy is a frequent guest in our lives, and it manifests itself in different ways. Often it makes itself felt in this way. If suddenly after eating or medicine, after contacting a neighbor's cat or buying a new makeup, you notice that you have puffy upper lip or even both, then know that, most likely, you have a typical manifestation of allergy.And swollen lips in this case is only the beginning of its manifestation. You should not wait for the aggravation of the situation in the form of angioedema, it is best to immediately stop contact with the allergen and take antihistamines whenever possible. Their large number on the shelves of pharmacies: suprastin, tavegil, zyrtek and so on.
  2. Lip injury can also cause swelling. If you have a wound on your lip as a result of a blow, squeezing acne, a cut or piercing, you should immediately treat it with hydrogen peroxide or iodine. You should not wait for suppuration of the wound, but if it still happened, then you need to contact a surgeon who will prescribe an adequate treatment.
  3. Some viral infections also manifest as swelling of the lips. Stomatitis and herpes cause small sores on the lips, which in turn contribute to the swelling of the lips themselves. For the treatment of herpes apply ointment based on acyclovir. Also, this drug exists in the form of tablets, which, when taken inside, contribute to the destruction of the virus in the body. Stomatitis is treated with various antiseptic and immunostimulating preparations.
  4. Such a disease as periostitis, purulent inflammation of the jaw or periosteum, may occur due to infection in the treatment of teeth. In this case, not only the lip swells, but also the gum, pain appears in the place of suppuration. Since in the case of this disease, the pus is collected inside, you will not help yourself with rinsing and gadgets. It is imperative that you go to the dentist as quickly as possible, otherwise purulent inflammation may spread to the brain.

Sex lips

It is no secret that, in addition to the lips of the face, women also have labia, which can also sometimes cause trouble because of their swelling, and many women who are faced with this problem are interested in why the labia are swelling.

Causes of swelling

The causes of swelling of the labia can be different, as requiring treatment, and not requiring.

  1. If you have swollen lips after sex, then there is nothing to worry about. There are venous vessels and nerve endings in the labia, as a result of which, with strong sexual arousal and their stimulation, blood rushes to them, and they increase in size. The degree of their increase depends onhow many blood vessels are located in your genital lips, the more of them and the more sexual arousal, the stronger they increase or, in other words, swell. This condition does not require medical intervention and goes away on its own as the excitation decreases.
  2. But, unfortunately, swelling of the labia can also be a sign of various diseases, the most common of which is thrush or candidiasis, in which the lips are inflamed, itching and burning, cheesy leucorrhoea with an unpleasant sour smell.
  3. Chronic candidiasis, long-term use of antibiotics can lead to vulvovodini, or inflammation of the nerve endings in the vulva. This disease is characterized by swelling of the genital lips and severe pain and burning in the perineum, even with the slightest contact.
  4. Pain in the genital lips and their swelling may be symptoms of inflammation of the Bartholin glands, which are one on each of the labia. As a result of the action of various infectious agents, blockages of these glands can occur, leading to seals at their location and severe pain during and after sex.

So if you had discomfort in the perineum and labia swollen, what to do in this case? Of course, you should go to the doctor, telling you what and when it hurts. With this problem you need to go to a gynecologist or a dermatovenerologist. Do not be shy or afraid, delaying the moment of a visit to the doctor, you only aggravate your situation and spoil your health.

Thus, swelling of the lips on the face or genital in most cases requires consultation and proper treatment from the right specialist. Of course, you can independently suggest the cause of this trouble, but do not forget that self-treatment is often dangerous to health, remember this.

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