Why do conflicts arise?

The question of relationships between people can never be exhausted ever, and how long will humanity live so long, and there will be these relationships with all their negative and positive consequences. But what are the problems in relations between people on our blue planet? This, of course, conflicts. But why conflicts arise?

Nature of conflict

Even from the history we can read that all the warriors were due to certain conflicts between certain people. Some rulers did not find a common denominator, and therefore armed clashes occurred, and in each era there was not one example of such a warrior.

What do professionals say about the structure of the conflict? Conflict encompasses a gap between certain people or groups of people or nations. This means that there are petty conflicts, how to say, interpersonal conflicts. For example, family conflicts, when the couple can not solve this or that problem.

  • Group conflicts are conflicts between certain groups of people, possibly of the same nationality, for example, religious conflicts.
  • Conflict between nations, such as the north and south conflict in America, which is well described in Gone With the Wind.

Why conflicts arise

Initially, a person was created so as to defend his point of view, but sometimes this struggle begins to take serious forms and a conflict appears. If a person does not know how to concede in certain matters following his principles, then conflict is inevitable. The main causes of conflicts in the workplace. Conflict is a "collision", it is always based on disagreement with something or with anyone:

  • the reason created by the workflow;
  • the reason caused by the psyche of people and their relationships;
  • The reason that arose during the workflow.

The reason created by the workflow appears because employees cannot get the result of the work, that is, their work is inhibited. We ourselves can remember how someone prevented us from doing our job well, due to our incompetence.

The reason caused by the psyche of people and their relationships appears for several reasons:

  • the head of the brakes the results of the work of employees
  • misunderstanding between some employees.

The reason that arose during the work process, very often occurs due to incorrect actions or deviations of the action from the existing norms.

The above is only the tip of the iceberg called "conflicts." There are also interpersonal conflicts, that is, the sympathies and antipathies of different people among themselves. This leads to either friendship or restraint or confrontation.

Causes of interpersonal conflict

It is also worth considering the causes of the emergence of conflicts in the personal aspect of the members of a group of people:

  • lack of manners and not the ability to maintain distance, control your emotions,
  • uncommunicative, not respecting oneself as a person,
  • anger, aggressiveness, envy.

So, it is worth noting that the causes of conflicts between men and women differ. In the women's team, the cause of the conflict may not be related to work. This may be a question related to the needs of a woman as an individual. But men are mostly in conflict over work-related issues or other work activities.

Sometimes we think that the conflict has in fact matured. We can also observe when the conflict begins to move into the active phase of the action. We must understand that conflict can be realized and accepted, adequately or not adequately.The most important thing is to understand the situations that emanate in our life and never render artificially drawn into them.

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