Why are your hands numb?

Numbness of the hands can be caused by severalfactors. The causes of numbness are both harmless, and caused by serious diseases. In any case, with numbness in the absence of visible causes, it is better to be examined in the hospital. Let's try to understand why the hands are numb.

Nemuyut hands: reasons

Conditionally, the causes of numbness in the arms can be divided into two groups:

  • Numbness of the hands due to the clamped nerve
  • Numbness of the hands that arises from the not transmitted nerve

Numbness of the hands caused by blood flow disorders

In the tight nerve, blood circulation is disrupted. Thus, the nerve endings lose energy and stop working.

How can you transmit a nerve:

  • body weight, lying on his arm (the reason why his hands grow numb at night)
  • a heavy bag or backpack straps (the reason why the right arm or left arm is numb)
  • an uncomfortable position at work, requiring that the hands are above the line of the heart
  • close clothing (the reason why the left arm or the right arm is numb)

These reasons are temporary and do notsevere harm to the body. For such reasons can be attributed to the cold season. In cold weather, the arteries narrow and the arms grow numb. Let's talk about more significant causes of numbness in the hands.


When osteochondrosis intervertebral discs deform and squeeze the vessels.

Edema of tissues

Tissue swelling can be caused by factors such as:

  • tunnel syndrome (usually this syndrome affects people who are regularly engaged in monotonous and hard work)
  • heart failure (blood concentration decreases and water contained in the blood goes into the tissues)
  • kidney failure (the pressure in the kidneys drops and the fluid lingers in the body)
  • pathology of pregnancy

There are reasons more serious than previous ones.

Numbness of the hands when the nerve is not compressed

In the nerve and in the limb, the lack of oxygen or glucose can arise due to several reasons:

  • tense work, which required the expenditure of all energy
  • infringement of blood supply (thrombi, etc.)
  • post-convulsive condition

Numbness of the hands occurs in the absence of full-fledged brain work because of:

  • hyperventilation (except numbness of hands comes numbness of the lips)
  • disorders of the blood circulation of the brain (extremely dangerous situation, there is a high risk of a stroke)
  • occurred micro-stroke (in this case, urgently you should consult a doctor)


With diabetes in the blood there is a connection of excess glucose with proteins, this leads to disruption of the blood vessels.

Trauma or neuralgia of the brachial plexus and Raynaud's syndrome are often the causes of numbness in the hands. However, these diagnoses can only be made by a doctor.

Chronic numbness of the hands

In most cases, chronic numbnessis a symptom of a certain disease. If this is ignored, serious complications and new problems can be expected. Similar questions are dealt with by a neurologist, he should be immediately enrolled. To determine the sensitivity of the nerves, the doctor will make a neurological test.

Some cases require a blood test:

  • on the hormone level of thyroxine (with hypothyroidism)
  • on the amount of sugar in the blood (with diabetes)
  • on the content of sexual hormones in the blood (during menopause in women)

Moreover, it is necessary to determine the level of calcium,magnesium, potassium, sodium, vitamin B6 and B12 in the patient's body. If you suspect a trauma or arthritis, prescribe an X-ray. Thanks to myelography, the displacement of the vertebral disc or the pinched nerve is determined, and with the help of MRI, I diagnose the tumor.

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