Who is a romantic?

November 11, 2014
Who is a romantic?

Romantic moods are peculiar to many modern people. Therefore, the actual question is who is such a romantic.

Romantic is ...

A romantic is a person who has a dreamy mindset. Such people quite often idealize the reality around them. In some cases, the word “dreamer” can be used as a synonym. It should be said that romantics existed before, throughout the history of mankind.

Quite often, the romance of a person is manifested in his ways of expressing his feelings towards others. For example, most likely, it is the romance that comes to mind to invite your beloved girl to ride horses. Other examples of romantic deeds would be:

  • Presentation of flowers, gifts;
  • Reading poems;
  • Singing serenades;
  • Making gifts with their own hands, etc.

Romance is characterized by concern for the object of his love.

People with a romantic outlook are prone to broad gestures and pleasant surprises. By nature, such people, as a rule, are vulnerable, too anxious and to their own feelings.They also look at the world around them through the prism of their dreamy mentality.

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