Who are the liberals?

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Who are the liberals?

Liberalism represents a socio-political,ideological, and also philosophical current, which determines the rights and freedom of every citizen as the highest value. The word "liberalism" comes from Latin liberalis, which means "free". In this article we will try to understand what this concept means and who are liberals.

The concept of liberalism

Liberalism proclaims that rights and freedomany person are the highest value, the legal basis of the order of society. The most important concepts of liberalism are, first of all, human choice, religion, freedom of speech and choice in society.

Even with the activity of monarchs, liberalismwas born as a sign of their outrage. In its time, liberalism fundamentally rejected the supremacy of monarchs and the whole role of religion as the only source of truth at that time. And instead all the active figures of liberalism proposed the following:

  • provide every citizen with everything necessary, including in this list the personal freedom of a citizen, as well as the right to have a decent life (life) and freedom;
  • give full protection of all rights to citizens;
  • to settle the law with respect to the installation of equal civil rights;
  • establish a free market economy, freedom of entrepreneurship;
  • To introduce the responsibility of the government for the people, as well as the purity and transparency of state activities.

In addition, in the explanatory dictionary of Ushakov the following meanings of the word "liberals" are presented:

  • supporters of the liberal trend;
  • representatives of a liberal party opposed to the conservative trend;
  • free-thinking people.

Liberalism and its main forms

Classical liberalism comes from the fact thatall rights should be only in the hands of legal entities and individuals, and the state should exercise and strictly perform only the protection of these rights. All trends and contradictions are set out in more detail in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Representatives of liberalism

The desire for freedom was always relevant in alltimes, from the times of ancient Greece to China. The first to put forward the idea of ​​liberalism was John Locke. He said that free people (individuals) can become the basis of a stable and confident society. Another representative of liberalism was Rousseau, who gave his treatise a different understanding. He drew attention to the fact that people from society did not have their own property. Thus, Rousseau proposed to solve this problem by education, allowing all people to most profitable to realize their abilities and desires.

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