White wedding bouquet and other color combinations

Wedding - the most vibrant and exciting day in life, the birth of a new family. And I want this celebration to leave an indelible mark in my memory.

They carefully prepare for it, thinking it over for the last detail. And the wedding bouquet is no exception. About him and talk in this article, but first find out what they are.white wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet form

Of course, firstly, it will depend on the personal preference of the bride. Secondly, from the flowers themselves, dresses, figures and so on. The bouquet should harmoniously join the image and complement it.

Consider the options:

  1. The round form is the most popular. Suitable for almost everyone. The only contraindication is the low growth of the bride. Looks like a ball, with a comfortable holder. Composed of roses, lilies and other flowers.
  2. Teardrop-shaped bouquet. Another name is a cascade or a waterfall. All flowers are suitable, having long stems, beautifully falling down. It looks good with the train. Visually pulls out the silhouette.
  3. Ball. It differs in that it does not have a long leg, due to the fact that flowers are attached to the round structure, and the stems are removed. He stays with the tape or puts it on his hand.

These are the main forms. But you can be smart and make a bouquet in the form of a basket, fan, coupler, whatever.

How to determine the size?

The following recommendations will help:

  • the lower the stature and the thinner the bride herself, the smaller will be the bouquet;
  • the owner of the full figure will approach a round shape;
  • to a lush dress, a voluminous bouquet is selected;
  • rich decoration, with elements of embroidery, stones, rhinestones, suits laconic, modestly decorated flowers.

These are the tips. It is necessary to know: there are bouquets with a convenient holder formed by the stems of plants. As well as using portuquette, thanks to which the flowers will remain fresh for a long time. It is made of plastic with a special wet sponge inside, which considerably increases the bouquet.

Now let's talk about a white wedding bouquet

White roses are an unquenchable classic. Imitates purity and integrity, symbolizes solemnity. And also popular are lilies, lilies of the valley. Extravagant white wedding bouquets from orchids look.

Hortensia is a tender plant, which, toUnfortunately, it fades quickly, and the petals may suffer from rain and wind. But it gives the flower composition an incredible amount. It looks very good with roses, orchids, callas, irises, filling the whole empty background.

Such white wedding bouquet symbolizes modesty and fidelity to the beloved for life. Although in Japan hydrangeas are a symbol of grief and sorrow. In other nations, they drive away trouble.

white blue wedding bouquet

Snow white callas look in a mono-bouquetincredibly stylish and beautiful. And if you use an anemone with a blue core to create a flower composition, which is the peculiarity of this plant, you get a white and blue wedding bouquet.

Aristocratic white freesia - Africanplant, without leaves, having several flowers. It looks very impressive in a white wedding bouquet. It was used by florists only at the beginning of the XIX century, because earlier it cost fabulous money. A wonderful fragrance improves well-being and lifts the mood.

These flowers can be added to lilies, roses,tulips, but in a monobook they are incomparable. Moreover, they can easily tolerate a strong heat, keeping freshness and beautiful appearance. The symbol of rigor and aristocracy can afford unusual brides. Because this flower is unusually beautiful, personifies youth, charm.

wedding bouquet red white

White freesia has a more delicate aroma than red and violet, but still it is very strong. Therefore, it is not recommended to use perfume in order to avoid mixing odors.

Even, it would seem, a white lilac, an ordinary flower, and in a spring mono-bouquet looks stunningly fresh and beautiful.

White-blue wedding bouquet

We already know what white means, but blue symbolizes elegance, mystery, calmness.

You can use roses, hydrangeas, orchids, irises (add romance to the image), lavender. Cornflowers will look playful and cute in the bouquet. When choosing blue roses, the main thing is that they are unpainted.

Such a bouquet is a bold accent spot. Do not go to the ballroom gorgeous dress. The best option will be a model "mermaid", an asymmetrical outfit or a straight classic. Of course, white color will make the saturated composition more calm, but still it will remain bright and beautiful.

wedding bouquets of white color

Bouquets in other colors

Under the white dress with red elements of decor, a flower arrangement in the same palette will suit. So, let's talk about a red and white wedding bouquet.

The uniqueness of this color combination is that you can use berries and dried leaves to compose the composition in the autumn period.

Variants of bouquets

The queen is a rose. You can go in a simple way and make a composition of white and red flowers, perform the center in one shade, and the frame in the other, lay out your heart, or arrange in a different order.

More complex compositions can be made with the help of orchids, peonies, tulips, lilies of the valley, freesias and other flowers.

Extravagant will look like a duet of red roses and white peonies or a combination of the second with branches of wild rose or St. John's wort.

You can make bouquets with callas white and red, or the first in combination with tulips in passionate color.

As you can see, there are many options. Beautiful wedding bouquets of white color by themselves and in combination with other colors. Each is unique and unique in its own way. The main thing is that the bride should be liked and approached along with the hair, the color of the eyes, successfully supported the wedding style and raised her mood with her beauty.

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