What mixer for milkshake to choose?

Preparation of milkshakes at first glance does not require much effort. It is enough to mix and beat the ingredients to an optimal condition and decorate the resulting composition to your liking. However, a truly gentle and pleasant cocktail requires a special approach, which involves the use of a high-quality mixer. Moreover, even the recently popular blenders cannot fully provide the necessary consistency of such an exquisite drink. Those who do not want to save on their gastronomical preferences should take into account several criteria that will help you choose a mixer for a milkshake with the optimal characteristics for this purpose. These recommendations will be useful for housewives, and for people professionally involved in cooking.

What are the features of cocktail mixers?

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In the first place, devices of such designation differ in capacities.Components for a cocktail are placed in a glass made of stainless steel or high-strength plastic. However, their capacity may be different - this is one of the main selection criteria. Also consider the possibility of automatic start processing content. In other words, the mixer for making milkshakes can begin work immediately after installing the glass with the contents, and when it is removed, the device turns off. The next feature is related to the design of the device. In the process, the liquid ingredients are not sprayed, which provides additional convenience. This contributes to the stabilization mechanism crowns. As a rule, such models do well with the preparation of other drinks, and not only.

Manual and stationary?

Handheld devices have two halos in the design. They are directly involved in mixing and whipping products. Also, this device is equipped with buttons for switching speeds - they are all conveniently located in the area of ​​the handle, which makes the device comfortable to operate. Manual mixer for milkshake is designed for processing liquid components and products with an average consistency - for example, you can use it to whip cream, eggs, cream, batter, etc.In terms of power, such devices lose to stationary, but if the kitchen does not indulge in free space and a compact device is required, then it is better to choose the manual model.

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Stationary analogues are good because they effectively cope with a huge list of products with different consistency. However, for the preparation of a cocktail is an excessive performance, without which it is quite possible to do. But the obvious advantages of a stationary mixer include autonomy in the process. From the hostess is required only to place the products on a special bowl and run the unit.

Professional and home models

Models for professional use are distinguished by their versatility, high performance and durability. In practice, this is reflected in a large selection of nozzles, the ability to cope with the processing of thick masses, the use of quality materials in the manufacture of the hull and working bodies, as well as in additional options. Undoubtedly, a professional mixer for milkshakes will provide invaluable assistance to the hostess, allowing you to quickly and efficiently cope with various tasks.Preparation of drinks - only a small part of the capabilities of such devices. However, it should be borne in mind that a professional unit is more expensive, and some of its functions may remain unclaimed. In turn, the home mixer is much more modest in its possibilities, but in most cases they are enough to implement the most courageous cocktail preparation recipes.

Features of bar mixers for cocktails

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Actually, the separation of mixers by appointment for the preparation of cocktails was due precisely to the need to provide bars and cafes. Then the models for home use largely adopted the characteristics of such devices, but some differences still remained. In particular, the bar mixer for milkshakes provides for a special fastener to the rack or wall. There is also a noticeable difference in the materials used. In the case of bar models, plastic is rare and is present only in budget versions. Even in medium quality mixers, a combination of aluminum and chromium is used to produce the case, and the glasses are almost always stainless steel.

Modes of operation

Usually professional bartenders pay attention to this parameter, but it will not be superfluous for amateurs to take this characteristic into account. In the standard version, the home mixer for milkshakes can have up to three modes of operation. Budget models have a simple mixing format, and more advanced devices provide pulse and turbo mode. Simple mode provides an elementary function of mixing or whipping ingredients, which is enough for simple recipes. However, if the possibility of crushing solid products is required, then a pulsed mode is indispensable. Turbo mode also allows you to perform crushing and whipping components with a solid consistency, but with greater productivity.

If you need to crush the ice

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The recipes of some cocktails suggest the use of crushed ice. Of course, this refinement can be donated, but it is better to provide for the possibility of fulfilling this condition in advance. Unfortunately, household mixers for the most part do not have this option. It is present in special grinders and blenders under the name “splitting ice”.If you need a mixer for milk cocktails for a house with such an option, then it is better to look closely at the professional versions - the ice crushing function is usually present in them. Also as an option you should pay attention to the "ice mill". These are special devices that allow not only to crush ice, but also to give its fragments various forms.

Mixer Tips

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If the device is selected only for the preparation of cocktails, then there will be no special requirements for nozzles. Even in the minimum configuration mixers are able to provide the entire list of tasks required to create such drinks. But it is impossible to foresee everything in advance, and it is possible that the mixer for a milkshake in the future will require the use of the following nozzles:

  • Blender head. With its help, they make vegetable or fruit purees, soups and the same drinks, but in small portions;
  • Knife for mashed potatoes. This nozzle is designed specifically for whipping boiled potatoes;
  • Shredders. Such tools allow you to process nuts, herbs, dried fruit, etc .;
  • Electromag. Replaces the usual knife, performing operations for cutting fruit, vegetables, bread and other products.

Which mixers manufacturers prefer?

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Traditionally, the leader in the segment of kitchen appliances is Italy. In this case, stand out manufacturers Macap and Fimar. Their products have a stylish design and reliability. These companies rely on ordinary buyers, so the cost of the devices is low. If you want a modern high-tech mixer for milkshake, which uses innovative solutions, it is better to turn to the American brand Hamilton Beach. The cost of such products is higher, but its owner will be able to open new horizons in the approach to the preparation of cocktails. Conversely, for the adherents of tradition and simplicity, the Chinese brand Ewit Inox offers inexpensive and reliable mixers with a basic set of options.


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The mixer has long entered the life of ordinary housewives, becoming an indispensable tool for culinary art. Small in size, the device is capable of performing delicate tasks in a matter of seconds. But the most important thing is the quality of the drink produced, which the mixer provides for milkshakes. Reviews of users of such devices rarely criticize the taste properties of drinks, as a variety of nozzles allows you to fully cope with the tasks assigned.However, in terms of reliability and durability, the situation is less clear. Even if the device will delight with its functionality and performance, this does not mean that it will last for a long time. Therefore, initially all elements of the purchased device should be checked for integrity, be familiar with the warranty conditions and check the unit for operability.

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