Which cat is the most famous?

It is no exaggeration to say that cats are the mostlovely and charming creatures on the planet. From time immemorial, people began to start these charming animals, communication with which always brings joy. Let's look at the five most famous cats. They became famous all over the world.

Police officer Rusik

Thanks to this cat many people have learned that,that these animals can also be policemen on a par with dogs. Rusik proved this by example. He was a full-time employee of the domestic police - he worked in the Caspian Sea, helped to eradicate smuggling there. This is really an important task, because sturgeon, which is found in those places, is on the verge of extinction.the most famous catRusik actively fought against poaching. Previously, he was homeless, until he was sheltered by police officers. He ate only fish taken from poachers. As a result, he was so used to her smell that he learned to detect smuggling in transport at the checkpoint. It's a pity, but Rusik died during the execution of his duties. It happened in 2013. This cat is the most famous fighter with crime. The memory of him will live for a long time.

Chessy is the face of a well-known company

the most famous cat in the world

A kitten named Cassie was the representative of the companyChesapeake & Ohio Railways. His story began with the autumn edition of the Fortune, published in 1933, in which the advertisement of a railway with a slumbering animal and the slogan "Sleeping like a kitten" was printed. The announcement did not say what his name was. The painting was bought from an Austrian painter for $ 5. Every day the kitten drawn on it became more and more famous. His image could be seen in absolutely any places, for example, on wagons of trains, calendars, posters. Perhaps it was the most famous cat in the world at the time. His image has always been in front of millions of people. Soon the railway company got another lucky - kitten Peak. From the names of the two animals a funny word was formed - Chesapeake.

Museum guard Mike

From 1909 until 1929 the mainThe entrance of the British Museum was fully protected from homeless dogs and any other animals. He was guarded by a cat named Mike. He was very hard-tempered and dissatisfied with almost everyone. Like dogs, he hated other cats and constantly chased them. They got it from him ... This cat - the most famous security guard, this can not be argued.the most famous cat from a fairy taleTo people Mike also did not have warm feelings. But there was one exception: the cat was normal to Ernest Wallis Budge - his master and the doorkeeper of the museum. Only he allowed himself to feed and caress. However, despite its difficult nature, Mike has gained immense popularity. He was looked after even at a time when the museum was closed for a long period, for example, during the First World War. The cat died in 1929. Many visitors to the museum stop near his small tombstone, located at the entrance.

Grumpy cat (Sauce Tardar)

the most famous cats of the Internet

If you are interested in the most famous catsInternet, then you know for sure the cutie Sauce Tardar. However, she became famous as Grumpy Cat. The real name is known to a few. In fact, this cat is not gloomy at all - it is joyful, funny and still quite small (born April 4, 2012). This unusual appearance is due to the fact that Tardar has an incorrect bite, as well as dwarfism. But she had no serious illnesses. However, many people think that this cat is the most famous sufferer, that he is offended by fate. In fact, this is not so. Life Tardar can be called calm and measured, like most domestic cats, but for a short time she managed to build a successful career in the network: every week she is removed, and then the photos are laid out on the Internet. Grumpy Cat is a millionaire, she really has a huge fortune. Perhaps soon the shooting of the film begins, in which Tardar will have a role.

5 most famous cats

Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots - Actor of the same nameworks by S. Perrault. You probably know him. This is the most famous cat from the fairy tale. The work was created at the dawn of the Enlightenment, and the protagonist, so talented and successfully finding the way out of various difficult situations, can be called a symbol of the approaching period of the triumph of reason, giftedness and personal initiative, regardless of belonging to a particular social group. The cat, not yet having boots, inherits a gloomy, pessimistic owner who does not even suspect what a gift of fate fell into his hands. After a while, the protagonist puts on boots. From this moment he begins his active work to turn his owner from a beggar to a royal relative of the Marquis de Carabas.

Which seals have a chance to become famous?

When asked about which cat is the most famous,definitely can not be answered. Many four-legged handsome men became famous throughout the world, and all of them are worthy of admiration. Some owners of pets prefer that their seals will someday become famous: they shoot videos with them, take pictures of them and upload pictures to the network. So millions of people learn about the existence of this or that cute animal. However, only a cat that has some distinctive qualities, such as Tardar, can truly become famous. Famous are also animals that are distinguished by their unusual activities, like policeman Rusik. In general, the real glory is not given just for that, and it needs to be understood. But why not show the world your cat just like that, without even hoping for a grandiose success? There are always a lot of fans to look at these cute animals.

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