What kind of alarm is better?

Today, no one thinks about whether to put an alarm on your car. Moreover, now people are trying as seriously as possible to approach the issue of protecting the machine. Who would like if something happens to his car? Unfortunately, in many countries, and, especially in Russia, one cannot be sure that, having left his “faithful iron friend” in the parking lot, one can take a breath and think that nothing will happen to him. It will happen, and how, in fact, many dishonest people even knock together a fortune on car theft. Despite numerous tricks and experience of hijackers, there are ways to protect your car, because all new anti-theft systems are constantly being developed, and old ones are improving.

Alarm for everyone

It is about alarms. Concerned about the fate of his car, the owner immediately rushes to look for information about what kind of alarm is better, and immediately confronted with conflicting reviews. This article will provide an overview of the best alarms, according to the Russians, and will explain the principles of their actions, differences and similarities.

Immediately I want to note that the alarm system is by no means a guarantee of the safety of your car. She cannot somehow prevent the hijackers from getting inside, but she will inform you about the faults right this second, and it only depends on you if you will save the car.

A bit of rhetoric

Yes, you read it right. The rhetorical question: oh, how good is the alarm, maybe without autorun? Forget about simple alarms, which only make siren-like sounds and block the door when exposed to external influence - this is the last century. They were replaced by more practical, and now popular, alarms with feedback and auto-start. The principle of operation of such alarms is simple: with the help of autorun, you can start the car engine from a distance, which is very useful in winter when you need to warm up the interior before leaving the house. This function is relevant in the summer, when you can turn on the air conditioner for cooling. Alarm with auto start can be installed on machines with any type of engine, which makes it widely available.

Explain the term "feedback". This alarm function assumes a complete connection with the car: on the keychain you can seewhat part of the car was exposed to - the trunk, doors, etc. The only negative is the range limitation. Be sure to choose the alarm with the greatest range, because in urbanized areas, the range may decrease several times due to obstacles in the path of the signal.

One of the innovations in the production of alarm systems is GSM, or so-called satellite signaling. With their help, car owners can “watch” their children from almost anywhere, and, moreover, receive SMS messages to the mobile about the alarm system activation zone. In some GSM-alarm systems there is a function "listening to the salon." If you do not mind the funds for the safety of your car, the best choice would be this type of alarm.

Some statistics

Recently, polls were conducted and reviews of car owners on anti-theft systems were studied. All in order to put a dot on the "i" in question which alarm with auto start is better. We give the top five alarms, appreciated by the Russians.

  1. Pandora, which has two-way communication.
  2. StarLine - according to reviews attracts reliability, quality and relatively reasonable cost.Together with it are unique encryption keys.
  3. Sheriff - equipped with all security features.
  4. Magnum - contains the most modern GSM-module.
  5. Scher-Khan - range reaches 1.5 km.

All models are worthy, and have a large number of positive reviews, but, nevertheless, we advise you to make a choice consciously, considering what you need, not stinging and not chasing a brand. Deciding which is better to put the alarm, we note that the best option: long range, autostart, GSM.

Need to know

Before installing the alarm system, all that is required of you is to familiarize yourself with the installers, to be sure that the installation will be carried out at the highest level. It depends on the installation of the proper functioning of the warning system. It is better to double-check the work of the installers and ask all the questions you are interested experts to be calm for your "iron horse".

Never spare the funds to protect the car, because if the hijackers do get to it, the losses will be much greater than when installing a good alarm system.

Take care of your car. And she will answer you the same.

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