Where to find classmates?

In one popular Soviet song, he sang: "The school years are wonderful, with friendship, with a book and with a song." Most of us met our loyal friends and first love at school. There we grew and developed together, learning from each other, sympathizing with someone, and enmity with someone. Anyway, these people have become like a second family to us. It seemed that they will always be present in your life. The same applies to study at the institute.

But the years go by, our life is changing. We have new and new acquaintances, hobbies, work. And the time to meet with friends of childhood and adolescence is less and less. Someone could move to another city, someone - in general in another country. And now it begins to seem that with these people you will never meet again.

However, modern technology comes to the rescue. Thanks to the widespread spread of the Internet, finding a person is no longer as difficult as it used to be. There are also numerous social networks where classmates can be found in a few mouse clicks. But first things first.

Search engines

The easiest way to find a person on the Internet is to try to drive in his name and surname in any search engine:,, - who likes what more. These search sites will begin to search for matches of the last and first names entered in the search bar on all existing sites and give them to you in order of popularity and relevance to the query. If there are too many pages, we also recommend adding the middle name, year of birth and place of residence - depending on what data you have. The more carefully you formulate your request, the more accurate the answer you will receive.

Search through social networks

Social networks around the world are now so popular that sometimes the whole family can be found in them, from small to large, including children and grandparents. Social networks are especially popular among adolescents and adults under the age of 45 years. Consider the most popular ones.


One of the most popular social networks in the world is a website that was originally developed as a medium for communication between students at Harvard University. But the popularity of the site grew at such a rate that over the 10 years of its existence, the site has gained more than 1.32 billion users worldwide.

The Russian counterparts of this site are considered to be the two most popular social networks Odnoklassniki and VKontakte.


- the most popular Russian social network, the name of which speaks for itself. With it, it will be easy for you to find and communicate with your former classmates and classmates, work colleagues, etc. The site interface is simple and straightforward. To search for a person in the network, you need to enter his name and surname, gender, age, place of residence, school, university, college, name of the organization in which he works, the military unit in which he served or indicate the place of rest.

In contact with

It is the second most popular social network in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and the first in Belarus. The project was launched in 2006 and was initially considered as a social network for searching and communicating schoolchildren and students. However, just like Facebook, as the site’s audience increased, so did its policies. Now VKontakte is positioning itself as a modern, fast and aesthetic way to communicate in the network, regardless of age and social status.Search tools used on the site allow you to search for a person by several personal data, such as last name, first name, region, school, university, age, gender, marital status, and several others.

There are many other social networks both in Russia and abroad, but the basic principles of their work are the same as those of the above sites.


You can also try your luck in finding classmates with the help of software for communication between people, such as, or. All these programs, applications and instant messengers are used for free communication between people using the Internet. When registering, you will be asked to enter your details. The problem is that they have no additional conditions for the search, except for the name and surname. And if you try to find one of your friends there, without knowing his e-mail and login on the network, you will have to scroll through the entire list of his namesakes by hand.

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