Where is the liver? We learn!

The human body is a very complex and delicate system. And if a disorder occurs in one part of it, the whole body may suffer and hurt at once, or the pain will arise in the most unpredictable places. This is especially true of excretion - they are located quite closely in the human body, and therefore it is not always possible to identify immediately, what kind of discomfort in this case bothers. Anyone should know where the liver is, where the kidneys are, and where the pancreas is. On this depends both the choice of the doctor to be treated in case of pain, and the method of treatment that can be applied to alleviate the suffering.

where is the liver

The most important body

That is why today we will talk about where the liver is. This organ plays a crucial role in the overall work of the human body. And it is he who is the first to take the brunt of any harmful effects — from bad habits, such as alcohol and tobacco, to potent drugs that can be prescribed by a doctor.In addition, the liver performs the function of blood formation and blood purification. Not to mention that it helps the metabolic processes, breaks down fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and helps the production of bile.


the liver is located

The place where the liver is located is called the abdominal cavity in anatomy. This is almost the entire space from the underbelly to the ribs, or rather, to the lungs. A large number of organs responsible for digestion and excretion are located in this cavity: the stomach, esophagus, intestines, spleen, kidneys, pancreas and, in fact, the liver itself. All of them fit snugly together, and therefore it is sometimes difficult to recognize what exactly hurts in this particular case.

More about liver

This organ is the largest in the abdominal cavity. The mass of the liver of an adult is about 400 grams, and sometimes it can reach 1/36 of the total body weight. This is, of course, a healthy body. In the case of some pathologies, it can almost double and overwhelm other organs. To understand where the liver is, imagine the human body and divide it conditionally into the right and left parts along the navel line.We should pay attention to its right side. The liver is located practically in all this part of the abdominal cavity, and only a small part of it is located on the left. Its upper right edge is adjacent to the diaphragm, it is convex and smooth. But its lower part has several concavities at the expense of other parts of the body, which are located closely. The liver is the only organ that receives blood from two large vessels at once - the own artery and the portal vein, which connects it with all unpaired organs of the abdominal cavity.

where is the liverImportant note

This organ is also famous for its regenerative abilities. Even if it is more than half hit, it can continue to function and grow healthy cells to fill the missing volume again. Knowing where the liver is, any person will be able to recognize an illness in time and consult a doctor in a timely manner. A healthy liver is a guarantee of normal blood formation, metabolism and purification of the whole organism.

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