Where is Brest?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
April 26, 2015
Where is Brest?

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The Belarusian city of Brest is the center of the Brest region and district. The city is big enough and has an area of ​​146 km2.The population, according to the most recent estimates, is approximately 331 thousand people.

Brest on the map of Belarus

After studying the map of Belarus, you can quickly figure out where Brest is located. We can say that this city is the most extreme south-western regional center. Both in the country and in the region itself, the city is located on the southwest side. Brest is situated on the border with Poland.

The nature of the city and the region is quite picturesque, since the geographical location is special - Brest lies at the confluence of the Mukhavets into the Western Bug River. Mukhavets is a river that is large enough in its size, it even has a port built on it.

The location of Brest is also advantageous economically, since the railway passes through it, and the city itself is a major railway junction. In addition, several important roads pass through Brest.

From the capital of Belarus - Minsk - Brest is located 320 km towards the south-west. The city occupies an extreme strip of the natural area of ​​Polesie. Usually it is characterized by an abundance of wetlands. On the north side of the city, on the outskirts, flows a small river called Lesnaya, which is a right tributary of the Western Bug River. The climate here is temperate, continental, therefore, both winter and summer are rather mild.

The city of Brest is divided into two districts: Moscow and Lenin. Previously, the city was called Brest-Litovsk or Brest-nad-Bug. Its second name especially reflects the geographical position of the city.

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