Where is Arkhyz?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
April 25, 2015
Where is Arkhyz?

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Caucasian mineral waters are a kind of food brand: "Essentuki", "Borjomi", "Arkhyz" and others. Indeed, the first associations in the pronunciation of the word "Arkhyz" are by no means geographical, but leading to a green plastic bottle with mineral water. And nevertheless Arkhyz is a locality and settlement. Consider where Arkhyz is located.

Sometimes the village is called Arkhyz, and sometimes the whole area. But both of them are related to the Western Caucasus in the region of Karachay-Cherkessia. Many mountain rivers flow in this area, but perhaps the most important and largest is Big Zelenchuk, in the basin of which Arkhyz is located. Among the mountains that cover these areas from cold winds, and rivers that contribute to irrigation, there are many different types of vegetation: from coniferous, growing only here (for example, Caucasian pine) to deciduous, resembling alpine landscapes. Some of them make up the Arkhyz Reserve, which is worth visiting at least once.

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