Where is America located?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
April 27, 2015
Where is America located?

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North America

Very often America is called the United States, although, first of all, it is necessary to distinguish two parts of America - North and South. It is in the North and includes the United States of America, speaking a separate state. In this article we will tell where America is - North and South.

Where is North America

North America is one of the six continents of our planet. It is located in the north of the Western Hemisphere and covers, including the islands, 24.25 million square kilometers. North America is washed:

  • from the north - the Arctic Ocean, including the Hudson and Greenland bays, the Baffin and Beaufort seas;
  • from the western part - the Pacific Ocean, in particular - the California Bay, the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea;
  • from the east - the Atlantic Ocean, including the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the Caribbean Sea and the Labrador Sea.

On the territory of the mainland is the state of the United States of America.You can read more about it in our article Where are the USA. Also the states of North America are Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Panama, etc.

North America is divided from the south to the south by the Isthmus of Panama.

Where is South America

South America is the southern continent of America. It is located mainly in the southern and western hemispheres and partially in the northern hemisphere of our planet. The area of ​​the continent is 17.8 million square kilometers.

South America is washed:

  • in the northern part - the Caribbean Sea;
  • in the western part - by the Pacific Ocean;
  • in the eastern part - the Atlantic Ocean.

The Caribbean Sea is the border between South and North America. The countries entering South America and having borders with the Caribbean Sea are commonly called Caribbean South America. These include the state of Colombia, French Guiana, Venezuela, Guyana and others. The largest states of South America are Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia.

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