Where is Abakan? City history and climate

The beautiful city of Abakan (where the settlement is located) will be described later - the capital of the Republic of Khakassia - could not be. If it were not for the railways, mild climatic conditions, local residents settled. But nevertheless, where is the city of Abakan, what region of Russia “sheltered” this small town?

Abakan where is

Look at the map

We are glad to inform you that the city should be sought, first of all, almost in the central part of Russia. It is very far from the capital. One could even say that the place where the city of Abakan is located is Siberia. However, this is not quite true. According to the canons of Siberia, the climate is harsh with frosty winters and not very warm summers. What can not be said about Abakan. Why? The city of Abakan, where the most interesting cultural monuments are located, is characterized by mild and warm weather. The fact is that the settlement is located in the Khakass-Minusinsk hollow. It is located between the mountains of the Kuznetsk Alatau, the cliffs of the Western Sayan and the ranges of the Eastern Sayan.Through the entire basin flows the river Abakan, which connects with the Yenisei. Sheltered from harsh winds, the terrain allows people and wildlife to feel very favorable. Thanks to this argument, people who have lived and worked in the north for many years (Norilsk, Dudinka) move here for permanent residence.

The location of the city benefits from the fact that there is the Abakan River. It supplies the city with fresh water, islands of green recreation areas, boat stations. Where the source of the river Abakan is located, they used to mine bronze. This fact also played an important role in the appearance of this city.

Abakan city where it is located

How to get there

From Moscow you can get to Abakan by your own car, by train or by plane. The journey by car will take two days and six hours or so. Apart from overnight stay and food, this trip will cost about 16 thousand rubles. There is also a direct train that travels for three days and two hours. You can take a train with a transfer in Krasnoyarsk, then the path will take two days and eighteen hours. The fare (direct train, reserved seat) is 6,100 rubles, a ticket to Krasnoyarsk is 5,800 for a reserved seat and 11,700 for a compartment. From Krasnoyarsk to Abakan can also be reached by train (1600 for reserved seats and 2600 for compartments). The fastest is the plane. Fly four and a half hours, and the ticket price is 12 thousand.rubles. Fly between the cities of Aeroflot and C7. Given the considerable distance between Moscow and Abakan good transport links, so it is quite easy to get.

What does the city look like

The modern city is built up with multi-storey panel and brick houses. And the old part, of course, is predominantly represented by wooden buildings. If you look from a bird's eye view, you can see how the city is laid out in rectangular areas.

where is g abakan

In Abakan, where the “Good Angel of the World” is located (the park and architecture have united here), the stele “Laura”, the park “Gardens of Dreams” (you should definitely visit here), many tourists come. Such a miracle is difficult to find anywhere else. Example: from the ears of barley created a figure of a kitten more than human height, and many other attractions. There are legends of creating the name of the city.

In ancient times, a hunter and a sorcerer were in love with one girl. The girl loved the young boy, not the old witch. In order to marry a girl, the old man enchanted the hunter into a bear, stole cattle from the villagers and hid it. When people turned to the sorcerer so that he would help them find out what happened to their animals, the witcher said that he was guilty of the bear. The people killed the clubfoot, which immediately turned into a huge boulder.Blood began to flow from under him. Thus, the Abakan River (“bear blood”) was formed, and later a city with the same name.

Natural wealth

At first glance it seems that in the steppes there is little that can be beautiful and surprising, because it is there that Abakan is located among the valleys and hills of Khakassia.

Endless steppes with motley grass give space not only to the look, but also to thoughts. It is very easy to merge, live with nature, understand the greatness of the creator and his intention to help a person think about his purpose. Solid rocky ledges also make you think about the possibilities and greatness of people. Mountain rivers bring thoughts of purity, diversity, seething ideas that live in the souls and hearts of each person.

where is the source of the river abakan

In short, this is a marvelous and amazing place in even more beautiful Siberia. No wonder this piece of land is sometimes called Switzerland.

Abakan and its surroundings

Within the city limits, a conditional border can be drawn along the Yenisei River, and the city will be divided into two parts: left- and right-bank. The right bank is the border with the village of Upper Sogra, as well as a cargo port. The left side starts from the embankment of the dam. It has two functions - protection from the turbulent river, plus the freeway.

The town is small (young), but very friendly in terms of hospitality. Many green spaces that help citizens and visiting people enjoy the peace, cleanliness and rest in the alleys, gardens and parks.

One can say that it is in Abakan, where the local history museum is located, that it is the responsibility to acquaint people with the culture of the Khakass people and their national characteristics. Especially since the exhibits are represented by huge steppe plates from Khakass steppes. This can not fail to amaze visitors!


2000 houses are located in this romantically named part of the city. It is not far from the Young Dam. More than twelve thousand inhabitants live here. This is the most ancient area of ​​the city. It is in this part of the city the oldest buildings, the ancient church and the first comprehensive school.

Strangely enough, but here it is quiet and calm, the city bustle is not for this area. As if we were in a “village” within the city. “Havana Bear” (green park) - will open its arms to you.

Abakan where is in Russia

Modern city

Abakan is rather an industrial city. Here are the plants:

  • steel;
  • container;
  • experimental mechanical;
  • experimental mechanical;
  • light industry enterprises;
  • for processing forest and agricultural raw materials
  • garment, shoe factory.

There are educational centers: a branch of the Krasnoyarsk Polytechnic Institute, the Pedagogical Institute, the Khakassky Scientific Research Institute of Language, History and Literature, its own Khakassian publishing house.

Theater stage: drama, puppet theater. The exhibition hall invites exhibitions of local authors. Accepts visitors to the zoo.

Little sights

In Abakan, where there are many references to Khakass culture, there are many historical values ​​belonging to the Russian people. On the Bratsk bridge (the prototype of the "connection" of Krasnoyarsk and Abakan) graduate students meet the dawn. There is also a drama theater, and near it is a beautiful and beloved fountain, where you will often see lovers. The city is considered the “city of love”, the population is very young middle-aged (45 are men, 43 are women).

where is the city of abakan what region

You should definitely visit the unusual Abakan. Where is this city in Russia now you know, so you can safely go on a trip.

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