Where do Indians live in our time?

American Indians have a unique and tragichistory. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that they were able to survive the period of settling the continent by Europeans. Tragedy is connected with the conflict between the Indians and the white population. Despite all this, the history of the Indian people is full of optimism, because, having lost the lion's share of the original lands, they survived and preserved their identity. To date, they are full citizens of the United States.

The main question of the article: where do the Indians live? Traces of this population can be traced on two continents. Many names in the US are associated with this people. For example, Massachusetts, Michigan, Kansas and the like.

A little history, or who is called Indians

where the Indians live

In order to understand where the Indians live,It is necessary to determine who it is. For the first time about them, the Europeans learned at the end of the 15th century, when Christopher Columbus, in search of a treasured India, reached the shores of America. The navigator immediately called the locals Indians, although it was a completely different continent. So the name was fixed and became common for a multitude of peoples who inhabited two continents.

If for Europeans the open continent was Newlight, then hundreds of Indian tribes lived here for about 30 thousand years. Newly arrived Europeans began to push the indigenous people into the interior of the country, occupying suitable territories for living. Gradually, the tribes were driven closer to the mountains.

Reservation system

By the end of the 19th century, America was so populatedEuropeans, that there was no free land for Indians. In order to understand where the Indians live, it is necessary to find out what reservations are. This land is poorly suitable for agriculture, where the Indians were driven out. Living in this territory under agreements with white people, they had to get supplies. However, often it was only in words.

where the Indians live in our time

Even worse is the situation when everyoneThe indigenous government allocated 160 acres of land. Indians were not ready to engage in farming, moreover, on an unfit land. All this led to the fact that by 1934 the Indians had lost a third of their land.

New Deal

In the first half of the last century, the US Congress made Indians citizens of the country. This was a great push forward for reconciliation between peoples, albeit quite belated.

where cowboys and Indians live

Places where American Indians live, like themthemselves, began to interest Americans not from the point of view of profit, but from the point of view of the cultural heritage of their state. In the United States, a spirit of pride has arisen for the diversity of its population. Many people had a desire to compensate the descendants of the Indians with the unfair attitude to which their ancestors were subjected.

Where do the Indians live?

state where Indians live

Indians live in two main geographicalareas. This is North America and Latin America. To avoid confusion, it is worth noting that Latin America is not only South America, but Mexico and a number of islands.

Next, the accommodation will be presented separately in each of the geographical areas.

Territory of settlement in North America

Where do Indians live in North America? This geographical area consists of two large states - the USA and Canada.

Regions of residence of Indians:

  • subtropical regions;
  • coastal areas of the north-western part of the continent;
  • California is a popular state where Indians live;
  • southeastern United States;
  • territory of the Great Plains.

Now it is clear where the Indians live, the photos of which are presented in the article. It remains to indicate that all of them are engaged in their lands fishing, hunting, gathering, making valuable fur.

Half of the modern Indians live in large cities and rural areas throughout the United States. The other part lives in federal reservations.

Indians in California

When you hear the question of where the cowboys and Indians live, California first comes to mind. This is due not only to Westerns, but also to statistics. At least, in relation to the Indians.

where the Maya live

The largest number of Indian populations live in the state of California. This has been confirmed by the population census over the past decades. Of course, descendants of Indians of this region of mixed origin.

How do indigenous people live in the mainland?California? Over the years, most of them lost their knowledge of their native language. So, more than 70% do not speak any language other than English. Only 18% speak well the language of their people, as well as the state language.

California Indians haveadmission to higher educational institutions. However, most of them do not use them. About 70% of children from Indian families receive secondary education, and the bachelor's degree is only 11%. Most often representatives of the indigenous population are employed in servicing or farming. Among them there is also a large percentage of unemployment relative to the average.

The fourth part of the Indians of California lives forthe poverty line. In their homes there is often no water supply and sanitation, many are forced to live in very cramped conditions. Although more than 50% still have their own housing.

There are also Indian reservations in California. In 1998, the court allowed the indigenous residents to engage in gambling. This permission from the authorities was a significant victory. But it was not due to the fact that they favored the Indians, but because it is impossible to engage in the usual crafts on the reservation territory. The government took this step to give people the opportunity to receive funds for living by doing gambling.

In addition to such concessions, reservations in Californiahave their own self-government, courts, law enforcement agencies. They do not comply with the laws of the State of California, while receiving government subsidies and grants.

Territory of settlement in Latin America

There is a group of Indians living in Latin America. Where the Indians now live in this geographical area, read below:

  • the whole of Latin America is inhabited by the Maya, Aztec and those who lived in Central America before the arrival of Europeans;
  • separate communities are the Indians of the Amazon basin, which differ in their specific thinking and beliefs;
  • the Indians of Patagonia and Pamp;
  • indigenous people of Tierra del Fuego.

where the Indians live now

After that it is no longer a secret where the Mayans live. They were very powerful in their development and had their own state structure long before the arrival of the Europeans.

Answer unequivocally where the Indians live in ourtime, quite difficult. Many of them still adhere to their traditions, foundations, live together. But there are many who started living like most Americans, even forgetting the language of their people.

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