When to transplant indoor flowers?

When to transplant indoor plants? In order for indoor flowers to be healthy and to enjoy lush flowering, you must follow the simple rules. The first and most important of them is not to limit the pet to the size of the pot. In the natural environment, plants grow freely, occupying the space they need. It is clear that at home we cannot create similar conditions, if only you are not the happy owner of a winter garden. But some useful recommendations will help you to ensure maximum comfort for your favorite violets, orchids, aloe, geraniums and others.

When replanting indoor flowers - a professional will answer this question without thinking. But what about a novice florist? First of all, pay attention to the plant itself, because, often, its appearance speaks for itself. There are many reasons for their transplant. The flower “grew” from its pot, the roots in it became cramped, and they stick out through special drainage holes; moisture is quickly absorbed, or damage is caused by soil pests. Also observe the soil itself.About the need for an unplanned transplant can say a musty swampy smell.

How to transplant a flower

How to transplant indoor flower? For starters, choose a suitable pot. Preference should be given to clay or ceramic, rather than plastic, because these materials "breathe", thanks to the existing pores in it. Plus, the leaching of harmful salts from the soil occurs along with the evaporation of excess moisture.

The old pot should be placed in a new one so that there is a gap of at least one centimeter between them. Regardless of what kind of dishes you will use for transplanting - new or already used, you need to soak your chosen pot in hot water. After that, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

We proceed to the choice of soil for your pet. The simplest thing is to take a universal mixture, suitable for any plants. But nevertheless, it is better to give preference to a specialized mixture for each specific type: “for cacti”, “for orchids”, “for palm trees”, “for epiphytes”, etc. It is best to transplant indoor plants a day after irrigation - the humidity of the earth will not be so high.

How, when and where to transplant indoor flowers

When is it better to transplant indoor flowers? The most suitable time for transplantation is spring. It is then that metabolic processes are activated in plants, and the root system begins its enhanced growth. Also, there is a widespread belief that it is preferable to transplant flowers when the moon grows and not when it wanes. More details about the phases of the lunar cycle can be found in the lunar calendar for indoor plants. When can be transplanted indoor flowers? Young plants need to be transplanted annually as they grow. Adult plants in large pots are replanted approximately every two years.

How to transplant indoor flowers? We will decide on one of the three types of transplantation: full transplantation, transshipment, replacement of the upper layer. In the first case, the roots are cleared of all available soil. Transfer involves the preservation of earthen coma, and carrying it in a new pot. When replacing the top layer, the ground is filled up, which, subsequently, is loosened. When the soil is more dense, the plants have good flowering, and when loose, they grow quickly.

Before transplanting drainage clay is poured into the bottom of the new pot. It is recommended to lay moss or fiber peat over it. Next is a small layer of soil on which the plant fits. Gradually, the remaining soil is filled in, so that there is two centimeters left to the edge of the pot.

After transplanting flowers should not be left in the sun. Comfortable they will spend 5-7 days in the shade. Careful and caring attitude to indoor flowers will return you their longevity and abundant blooms!

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