When the duck hunt opens

August for hunters is the most desirable time, because at this time the season of hunting for all game birds opens: pine forest, waterfowl, marsh meadow, steppe, mountain and field. Also opens the season to shoot boars, bears, woodchucks, gophers, hamsters and moles. However, many people are interested in when a duck hunt opens. August is the month when the harvest is removed, all summer fuss has already stopped, you can rest. At the end of the month, the young birds of the steppes, swamps, as well as hogs and reservoirs grow enough. Excellent bird hunting is carried out in a pair with the cops, and also owners of birds of prey will be able to hunt in plenty. They are also open season.

duck hunting

The beginning of the hunting season

The shooting of feathered game, in particular hunting for a duck, begins on the second or third Saturday of August. It all depends on the hunting regions. In some earlier, others give permission later. But what is a week? It's so little, and you can start active rest.

Hunting from the approach

In August, the young ducklings almost all fly pretty well already, the exceptions are the still silly "bouncers", but there are quite a few of them. From the first days of the season begins the hunt for ducks from the approach.This is when the birds are very quiet, so as not to frighten away, being covered with vegetation on the shore, they are selected as close as possible for a shot. After all, ducks often feed on reeds and various shrubs located near the shore, however, it is worthwhile for them to hear that someone is approaching, instantly swim away or fly away to the middle of the reservoir.

Hunt for reach

Ducks are often at dawn, and if no one is disturbing them, even during the day, they are looking for food in the reaches. They come there with whole broods, this is a great place to hunt. It is also very convenient to hunt with a dog. The hunter lets it into the reeds or other vegetation where ducks live, and he closely watches the individuals taking off, shooting at them on the fly. However, there are always experienced ducks who do not want to take off and run hard from the dog. In such cases, the hunters are where there are bald spots in the vegetation, and wait for the bird to cross them. However, here you need to be careful not to accidentally shoot at the dog.

Safety in the swamps

when duck hunting

Marshes are the places where the best duck hunting is. They are rich in game, but also quite dangerous. There are often swamps, which can please an inexperienced hunter.Therefore, in such areas it is better to hunt a group. So that all participants can insure each other and in case of that help out a friend.

The most popular way to hunt ducks

autumn duck hunting

Ducks keep their mode. In the afternoon they are in one place, and by night they fly to another. Hunters are very fond of getting these trophies on these very flights. Such flights are in the morning and evening. Watching the birds, you can calculate the exact time of their flight. To duck hunting in such a place was successful, you need to disguise well. In this case, the birds from the air will not see a person or a group of people who are ready to shoot at them. Therefore, hunters build huts and in every way camouflage their clothes under the surrounding vegetation. Before landing at the place of feeding, the pack makes several rounds, looking around. Such a hunt, besides being productive and you can get several individuals at a time, is also very interesting. At the flight sites, hunters often compete in the skill of owning a gun. After all, often you need to get into a bird from different distances. Here you can show all your skills as an arrow.

Hunting from the entrance

hunting for ducks and geese

This type of hunting is quite common and fascinating.Its essence is to obtain unsuspecting game in shallow water where there is a lot of thickets. Two hunters get into the boat, one manages, the other sits in the nose with a gun - this is the shooter. He must shoot only sitting and forward, these are the safety rules. Since everything is done in complete silence, the bird does not notice people and you can get close enough to get close to it. This distance may also depend on the vegetation at a particular site. When the bird takes off, the hunter shoots her. Hunting for ducks and geese for many is the best way to show their skills in understanding the habits of birds, as well as the ability to shoot.

Hunting from the approach to small rivers

It is carried out where there are no large reservoirs, and birds choose places for feeding near small rivers. The ducks feed on sedge as well as vegetation that is directly in the water. For hunters, shooting ducks from the approach is a tedious process that requires considerable strength and endurance. However, quite a lot of amateurs and professionals love just the brod hunt, because the difficulties make trophies more desirable and memorable.

Scarecrow Hunt

best duck hunting

You need to come to the place of the hour two before dawn and at a certain distance to scribble stuffed ducks. They need quite a lot, from eight to twenty. It is also highly recommended to have a decoy and be able to use it. Many hunters use the decoy ineptly, which scares the bird. Therefore, it is worth exploring the sounds that ducks make, for example, during the mating period, when females call males. You should also know exactly how far from the shore of the effigy. Knowing this, you can competently aim for accurate hit.

Duck behavior in different weather

When hunting for a duck, knowledge of the behavior of the desired game is very helpful. After all, with the weather changes occur in the usual way of the day the ducks, knowing that, you can more easily and more accurately detect them. Such knowledge is simply necessary for a successful hunt.

When there is great sunny weather outside, ducks take a rest, getting to hard-to-reach beaches or floating objects in water, such as logs or islands of algae. They sit, their heads buried under the wing. Very calm and leisurely.

When the weather is calm but cloudy, the ducks go to the stretches that are protected by dense vegetation that can protect them from predators or hunters.

It is very important for a hunter to know that after a rain the ducks are reluctant to fly.This is due to the fact that when it rains, droplets accumulate in the plumage, and birds do not like it. To reset them, they fly from place to place from time to time. And if it rained for quite a long time, the ducks are tired, and when it ends, they rest. Here during the rest the duck hunting is productive, because during this period the bird cannot so quickly take off due to fatigue, this is a great help for the hunter.

When the weather is windy, ducks hide in thick grass or reeds near the shore. They choose the windless side, because they are not so worried about the wave raised by the wind. In such weather conditions, the bird does not go to open areas at all, so that hunting at this time is meaningless, unless, of course, the place of their refuge is unknown.

How to shoot while hunting for a duck

duck hunting from the approach

Small birds are better to mine using the fraction number 6-7. Large individuals such a fraction can not take, so choose the number 4-5. But to turn black, whose plumage is very hard, you need to get the fraction number 3.

Hunting goose

For many, the autumn duck hunting is a great pastime and hobby. But also no less exciting hunting for geese in October and November is also interesting.At this time they fly over the fields and forests. The hunters, knowing the places of their flight, make huts or simply disguise themselves as the surrounding vegetation. After all, geese are very careful and, seeing people, will change their way. This hunt is very exciting because you can get excellent trophies of a rather large bird.

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