When and how to exercise

Start to play sports someday promisedimagine each of us. And someone and more than once. Some start and can not stop, others - they are going to start "on Monday", although the next Monday will be already 36th, the third is easier to think that nothing will turn out and that it is better to go to a pizzeria, there after all it is so delicious.Do sport

The first and third categories of special interest are notcause, with them everything is clear. With the second there may be options. Someone is just too lazy to go in for sports, but to admit to themselves this is not enough spirit, someone really does not have enough time or health, and someone elementary does not know where to start.

And you need to start with the fact that you need to select a viewsports, which will be interesting. Tennis, jogging, swimming, biking - it does not matter what to do. The main thing is that it was interesting, then the results will not be long in coming.

Can I exercise every day?It happens that on the first trip to the gym orjogging itself to get out really hard. Well, take a friend / girlfriend in the company, and the feeling of stiffness will be easier to win, and engage in more fun. Moreover, various gyms and fitness centers are the place where it is easier to find new friends and like-minded people than in a park or a disco. By the way, often the amount paid for a monthly subscription becomes an additional incentive to not miss training.

As for the actual training,here, as a rule, beginners often ask questions about whether it is possible to play sports every day. A unequivocal answer to them is not, because it depends on the chosen sport, intensity and duration of training. In general, an optimal schedule can be considered training in a day or two, while in breaks you can limit yourself to elementary short-term gymnastics, for example, morning exercises. In everything you need to know the extent, training is no exception. Excess loads will not only not improve your form, but can also damage your health, insufficient ones will not give the desired effect.

What time is it better to go in for sportsAnd finally, what time is it better to go in for sports? Again, there is no clear answer to this question. We all have our biorhythms, and make the "owl" play sports early in the morning, and the "lark" late in the evening is not worth it, because it's useless. If you are not a clear representative of these "birds", just try several times morning exercises, then - evening, then you determine what time of day for you is more comfortable.

In the morning, gymnastics andswimming. This will help the body to cheer up and get a boost of energy for the whole day. The best way to have breakfast is after half an hour after the end of classes.

In the evening it is better to run or practice power exercises. If one of the purposes of training is to lose weight, then it is better to refuse from a high-calorie dinner after the termination of employment.

Whatever training you do not prefer, at whatever time of the day you do not give yourself the load, remember, doing sports is great.

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When and how to exercise When and how to exercise When and how to exercise When and how to exercise When and how to exercise When and how to exercise When and how to exercise When and how to exercise When and how to exercise When and how to exercise When and how to exercise When and how to exercise