When is a man happy?

The phenomenon of happiness has long been interested in representatives of various sciences. The physiologist will tell you that the state of happiness is only the development of the necessary amount of certain substances. The psychologist will note that happiness can be called a state of deep inner satisfaction. And I must say that both are true, and only partly. When a person is happy, something else happens, and what exactly, we will now try to find out.

On the way to happiness

In order to fully understand what happiness is and under what conditions a person can experience it, you need to return to the original state, that is, find out why and how a person strives for happiness. Understanding why a person wants happiness is not difficult. Nature itself is designed so that all living beings avoid the unpleasant and strive for pleasures, for the most comfortable conditions of life. Thus, in a state of happiness, suffering must be absent. But how does a person seek happiness? Here the problem of desire arises. After all, when a person is happy? Then, when he gradually achieves the fulfillment of his desires, or rather, at the time of the fulfillment of a particular desire.A person can decide what to do with these desires, and think about whether the satisfaction of one or another desire to make him happy. That is why any good psychologist will advise you to strive to fulfill the most important desires. Why? Yes, because it is their performance that can make you a truly happy and full-fledged person.

State of happiness

Each of us experienced it, but not everyone tried to understand what is special in this state. And the difference is, and very significant. In the normal state, our brain produces dozens and even hundreds of mental operations per second. It may be just thoughts, but there may be thoughts about desires, which are actually the majority. Once our desire is fulfilled, thoughts disappear for a while. Here it is - a state of genuine happiness! It is when your mind is free from desires that this very brief emptiness, influenced by something accomplished, fills the whole being with a sense of unlimited happiness. Thus, desires can be different, the ways of their implementation - the same, but the feeling of happiness, of course, is the same for everyone. True, it can also be expressed in different ways.Someone falls into a state of euphoria, begins to commit even various nonsense, someone can smile quietly, someone just falls into a stupor, but undoubtedly, happiness is the lack of current desires. It is the desire that makes a person go somewhere and do something, and when it is not necessary to do it, because everything has already been done and there is no need to think about anything - is this not happiness? Therefore, the state when a person is happy, it is not difficult to find out. It is difficult to make this feeling present with us as often as possible. However, this is a topic for a completely different article. But I’ll give you the key.

How to become happy

Everyone likes the feeling when a person is happy. But how to achieve it yourself? Strive to fulfill only truly important desires, and carry out minor desires only if they do not interfere with the fulfillment of the most important desires. Each of us has our own fundamental desires, without the fulfillment of which we feel that life has failed. Here it is worth paying attention to them first of all. And the most important thing is to implement them quite realistically, you just need to really want it and do everything possible for execution.

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