What to wear with a skirt in a cage? Skirts in the cage

In the world of fashion, the term “cage” is commonly understood as the intersection of threads of different colors that make up a fabric. And not always these are separate cells in the direct sense of the word. Very often, a cell looks like a right angle intersection of threads of a different color. The resulting rectangles are filled with the main color of the fabric. Be that as it may, the cage remains popular in clothing every season. A variety of models allows you to create a unique and unique image for each woman. For this it is important to understand what to wear with a skirt in a cage. Therefore, first we need to understand what types of cells can be and what styles of skirts sew from it.

Cell types

According to the location of the cells on the tissue stand out:

  • Straight cell, characteristic of the Scottish ornaments.
  • Diagonal, in which each side of the “cage” is at a 45 degree angle to the horizon line.
  • Asymmetrical. Characterized by the fact that the cells are located in a chaotic disorder.

red skirt in a cage

The cell may be different. The easiest option is chess. It is an alternation of flat squares of two colors. The traditional version is black and white. Black and red, yellow with blue, white with blue and other combinations also look impressive. Cell size can be from large to small. It is important that such a drawing gives a certain aristocracy and charm to a woman. And it is suitable for any style.

Another popular variant of the cell is tartan, which is most often called Scottish. And the color of the fabric is not important, it can be completely different colors. The main thing - in the pattern. Usually such a pattern is applied to a dense fabric. Therefore, these skirts are worn only with tights. Depending on the style, tights can be replaced by golf. That is what schoolgirls do.

A striking example of cells in the style of "tartan" is the color characteristic of the things of the fashion house Burberry: white, black and red stripes on a beige background. Judging by the reviews, women prefer the top of the same colors. Accessories are beige.

Can change the size of the cell. It can be from several tens of centimeters to several millimeters.Sometimes from a distance it is even difficult to say that exactly a cell is depicted on the fabric.

Skirts styles

The number of models of skirts in a cage is unlimited. They are usually divided into styles. The most popular are:

  • Pencil.
  • The sun.
  • In the fold.
  • Tulip.
  • Trapezium

At this style skirts in a cage does not end. Their list can be continued for a very long time. Fashion designers regularly present to the public their creations, which are made of fabric in a cage. And if you also add a change in length, pattern and color, then the list of models will generally become limitless. And to choose the right model is sometimes quite difficult.

Pleated skirts

A short plaid skirt is best for young and slim girls. It allows you to create a large number of images. And it is not surprising that this attribute is an integral part of school uniforms in many countries.

Plaid skirts

According to most women, the correct length is to the middle of the thigh. This skirt does not look defiant, but it creates a light and playful image. You can wear it in different ways. Suitable strict blouse or shirt, you can white. Make the image more innovative and impudent will allow a set with a leather jacket or short jacket.A more pleated skirt with a turtleneck, sweater, or jacket of the same color will look more serious. In such sets, gaiters or socks would be appropriate, which will emphasize the youth and charm of the girl who chose for herself a similar image.

Pencil skirt

A pencil skirt in a cage is most suitable for going to work. It is part of the office style. She will emphasize the dignity of the figure. As the reviews say, wearing such a skirt, you begin to feel like a really business woman.

You can wear it with shirts, blouses, tops. It is best to give preference to monotonous things. And the top is tucked for a belt. You can wear a plain jacket or a trench coat over the top.

pencil pencil skirt

Most often choose the length to the knee or a little longer. Many models sew with a high waist. This technique allows you to hide the protruding tummy, make the figure slimmer.

An interesting fact is that with the help of a properly chosen skirt you can bring a lot of information about yourself to your manager. Thus, a small cell with even thin lines is characteristic of neat and organized personalities. The large size of the cell speaks of the courage and originality of its owner.

Sun (half sun)

A reminder of the past is a semi-sun skirt in a cage.She will create an image in retro style. Many women who have decided on this element of the wardrobe, preferred the length of the knee. In their opinion, this will provide a vintage look.

In the kit for such a skirt it is recommended to choose discreet things: tops, shirts, turtlenecks. Fit better to choose free.

The peculiarity of this type of things is their way of cutting. Thanks to him, on the skirt there are always areas with a direct and diagonal arrangement of cells. Skirt in a cage on a scythe will always look interesting and new. Plus, it will visually enlarge the hips, making the figure more feminine.

What to wear with a skirt in a cage

Long skirts

Choosing what to wear with a skirt in a cage, you should pay attention to its length. A long skirt in itself is a bright accent that cannot be ignored. And it is impossible to compete with it. Therefore, it requires in its kit something calm, not catchy.

Maxi skirt in a cage, according to women, having such a detail in the wardrobe, looks great with blouses, tops and turtlenecks. Not colored, but monophonic. Beige, black or white turtlenecks are suitable.

Winter options from dense fabrics look good with solid knitted sweaters with a slightly fitted cut. If the choice fell on a turtleneck, then it should be refueled in a skirt. You can wear a jacket, cardigan or jacket over the top. As outerwear choose a coat or fur coats to toe. The set is complemented by low-heeled shoes.


This skirt is different lush bottom. In length, it is slightly below the knees. Usually for its cut used dense heavy tissue. But, as the women themselves assure, a midi-skirt made from lighter fabrics is an excellent solution.

When deciding what to wear with a skirt in a cage of this style, women pay attention to monophonic things. These can be turtlenecks, sweaters, blouses. It is important that the materials of the upper and lower parts of the set match each other in terms of the quality of the material.

Judging by the reviews, then this maxi skirt in a cage is suitable for cheerful women. Therefore, it is permissible to wear a skirt with a slightly frivolous top. Tops made of translucent fabric, deep cleavage and interesting cutouts. Winter options made of wool, combined with knitted things, knitwear.Model for the summer will look good with linen, cotton things. But chiffon is better to refuse.

A-line skirt

The red skirt in a cage trapeze makes the image conservative, more restrained. Stylists and ordinary women in the process of socks came to the same opinion: the best set in this case is a knitted cardigan with a large pattern or a turtleneck. Blouses, shirts, T-shirts and tops are also suitable.

plaid skirt

Young girls who decide to give their preference to a trapezoid skirt should pay attention to short models. Older women will look much better in models with a length slightly below the knee.


What to wear with a skirt in a cage, each woman decides for herself, guided by her intuition. Accessories play an important role in this ensemble. They will help make the image complete.

Pencil skirt is suitable for business meetings. To emphasize individuality will help beads, bracelet, belt, handbag. And one of these details (for example, a bracelet), you can take a contrasting color. It will be the highlight of the whole image.

The summer long skirt in a cage of light colors will be interesting to look with glasses in a light frame, silver earrings, a necklace.In winter, the set can be supplemented with a scarf, in color matching the skirt. In the spring, women allow themselves to wear chiffon shawls (scarves), hats of light shades, and jewelry of calm tones.

You can not ignore the handbags. Suitable bags of different sizes, made in a strict style. Color also does not matter. Although many stylists advise to pick up a handbag under the color of the cell.

pleated skirt


When deciding what to wear with a skirt in a cage, you should not avoid shoes. Winter models are most often complemented with boots or boots. But if the skirt is made of a thinner fabric, then shoes are also suitable. But about the heels on the heels is better to forget.

Short skirts are worn with different shoes. Depending on the image, these could be ankle boots, shoes, boots, lace-up boots.

A long plaid skirt requires high boots. If the product is lush or with a petticoat, then heeled shoes are also suitable. This image is suitable for retro style.

Choosing shoes and accessories, you must be guided by the overall style of the created image. All the details must be combined with each other and bear a single semantic load.

long skirt in a cage

Who are skirts in a cage?

Everyone can wear such a thing, regardless of age and configuration. As can be seen from the reviews of girls, the main thing is to choose the correct styles of skirts in a cage.

For slim girls there is no limit. They can wear miniskirts, which will emphasize slender legs. Additional accessories in the form of belts, bows and other paraphernalia will not be superfluous.

It is a little harder to choose the right model for a full woman. For them are suitable things that reach the length of the knee. Many reviews argue that a full girl tight skirt will not work. But this is far from the case, but exactly the opposite. The cage on the fabric will hide extra pounds, emphasize curvaceous shape. As for accessories, then full ladies should abandon them.

Ladies with curvaceous better to abandon a large cage. These options are best left for miniature ladies.

Skirt in a cage will not only create a spectacular and unique look. She is also able to correct the figure. So, to hide a small tummy, to make a waist thinner will help the product with large pockets, folds along the belt, going towards each other.

Ugly knees will help to hide the skirt-year, the cell on which goes diagonally. The image is complemented by high boots with heels. In such situations it is better to give preference to the tights of dark shades.

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