What to draw on the old door?

What to draw on the old door?

  • Often the old furniture begins to look not very nice over time. In order to change something, you can repaint it in a different color or draw something on it. If you have a similar problem with the door, then I would advise you to draw a sun. This is positive and pleasant.

  • I have old doors in my summer cottage - a simple house and buy new doors, I do not see the point.

    Entrusted this task to the children - they painted all the doors to me like chessboards in a box - only the colors were picked up different and softer and the cells were made different and on one door it turned out to 5 different colors.

    It turned out very beautifully and it became much more fun in the house - I then covered all these arts with glossy varnish and everything began to play in the sun.

  • The simplest, trite, corrupted, but a good option - is to draw flowers, and those that you most like. I need roses, for example.

    What to draw on the old door?

    And you can also draw an island and coconut palms - will look and dream of ever getting into the same paradise. =)

    What to draw on the old door?
  • You can paint the door to your favorite color and paste an interesting interior sticker on top. Or you can contact the printing studio.

    What to draw on the old door?

    Or hang a chalkboard that will turn the door into a family chat room.

    What to draw on the old door?
  • It's really possible to draw it yourself without a stencil and typographical stuff.

    What to draw on the old door?

    Therefore, it is better to fork out and take a translation or a self-adhesive with a beautiful pattern. And it will be faster. And it will be more accurate.

    What to draw on the old door?
  • Yes, anything depends on the desire, and on the skill level of the shader. There are very simple and (not requiring special professionalism) options and fairly neutral - geometric shapes of different shapes and sizes, such as this

    What to draw on the old door?

    or such

    What to draw on the old door?

    you can and something more serious, to draw a creative

    What to draw on the old door?

    but you can choose a structural wallpaper and paste them. I have one of the doors covered with textured wallpaper under the old homespun canvas, it turned out great.

  • An old door can be beautifully transformed with the help of a drawing. To make the drawing clear, it's best to make a stencil. The drawing can be done with oil paints or acrylic waterproof.

    An example of a picture on the door will be shown below.

    What to draw on the old door?
  • The old door can be ennobled by painting it with various drawings or techniques.

    That's how you can paint furniture under the old days, including doors


    You can cut figurines and paste a self-adhesive film, at the same time create drawings.

    You can use the decoupage to make the necessary ready-made beautiful drawings.

    Very interesting movie on transferring pictures to a wooden surface, it is quite possible to use the door.

    You can decorate with stained glass windows

    But how to decorate the door instead of a poster

    and you can put a picture of the photo, such do and on the doors of cabinets

  • Lotus and other aquatic plants. You can have a bird, not even one. Or the bright sun. Sunset will be even more interesting. mountains and waters - a classic motif. Blooming cherry. Someone's portrait if you know how to draw well, or if you do not know how. Fruit trees, and maybe a large leopard.

  • Of course, in an ideal it would be possible to replace the door with a new one, especially since it is not at all expensive (I know for sure, I recently changed it). But if you still want to leave the former, then you can revive it. First, it would be nice to paint with light paint, white, beige, or light gray, looking as it will be in harmony with the wallpaper. Well, then try and apply the drawing. Draw right away from the sheet will only be a good artist. Therefore, you need a stencil.Good and not pretentious look Japanese motifs, hieroglyphs, you can still such a story where on foreground pine on a cliff, and in the distance the sea . This is a very famous landscape. When the paint dries, you can wrap the door with a transparent film.

  • My dream is to paint on one door an antique window overlooking the garden and flowers on the windowsill.

    I saw photo wallpapers such on the Internet. Look cool. And on the site dekareto small photos wallpaper or pictures sticking, not so expensive by the way. A good oil or acrylic paint is more expensive.

    If you draw yourself a tip - remove the door from the hinges, it will be more convenient, the paint will not flow down.

    Or here such variant.

    What to draw on the old door?

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