What does the manager do?

In this article, we consider the profession of a manager, which is very popular in the modern corporate world. What do managers do and where do they work, what kind of managers are there? We have to learn.

A manager is a responsible person in an organization who is responsible for controlling and distributing responsibilities among employees, planning their activities and monitoring the fulfillment of the goals set by the company. Managers work in a variety of enterprises of all forms of ownership, areas and sectors of the economy. This profession is universal.

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Often in organizations you can see that the manager combines several functions. In other cases, the manager is busy in one direction.

Tasks Manager

What does the manager do? Organizes everything and everyone, plans, controls. We give the main directions of work of the manager in the organization:

  • Planning. Before you start doing something, you need to plan it. Planning to increase production takes a lot of time from the manager. It will be necessary to hold many meetings.In thinking about a pile of papers and columns of numbers, long hours will pass. The store manager will also make plans, where time, employees, product purchases are the main components.
  • Analysis. What should the manager do in this case? Evaluation of a variety of information. Some managers analyze a huge amount of information of the most diverse order in a day. Depending on the amount of work, it can be one daily report that can be viewed in a couple of minutes, or it can be something that will take several hours. In any case, concentration and attentiveness are required.
  • Reporting. Any activity requires results. In general, reports are written, as a verbal report is not always appropriate and cannot be saved. Often special reports are created for reports.
  • Staff. In this case, the manager must manage the human resources of the organization. The personnel manager is looking for qualified staff for available vacancies. The project manager oversees the work of its participants so that it will be completed with high quality and on time. This is also personnel management.
  • Training.It is unreasonable to wait for something from people if they do not know what to do and how. Therefore, every manager is somehow involved in the mentoring process. Some create rules and regulations. Others take on the role of instructors. Many believe that such work with staff is the most important, interesting and yielding results.

These management functions are called management. For more on what management is, read this article, What is management.

Types of managers

Depending on the tasks performed, there are different types of managers:

  • The purchasing manager (sourcing) at the manufacturing plant is responsible for providing raw materials.
  • The product manager plans and organizes the production process.
  • The marketing manager is engaged in advertising and promotion of manufactured goods on the market.
  • Sales Manager plans and sets goals for the number of sales of the company's manufactured product.
  • The financial manager is responsible for the financial management of the organization, that is, manages the financial resources of the company.
  • The HR Manager (HR Manager) performs such functions as finding and hiring staff, monitoring wage levels, personnel training, discipline and dismissal.
  • The development manager is responsible for developing new products, improving existing products and introducing innovations.

In more detail about what different types of managers do and how to work as a manager, you can read here How to work as a manager.

Types of managers

Very much depends on the behavior and influence of a manager on an organization’s activities. Below we consider the main types of managers in different classifications.

By the nature of action

  1. Creator. Actively influences the environment and structure of the company, makes changes to improve the efficiency of its work, finds the best way to solve its tasks. This type of manager is a leader, he is able to engage others in the implementation of goals. Provides progress and enhances the competitiveness of the organization.
  2. Executor. Accurately follows the instructions of the supervisor, without offering their own solutions to problems. In a crisis, leads to a drop in competitiveness.
  3. Destroyer. Due to unwillingness or lack of ability, and sometimes to achieve personal interests, he destroys an existing organization.

Of course, to become a successful manager, you need to learn a lot. That the manager needs to know, you can read in the given article What the manager should know.

By behavior

  1. Self-guided. Acts consciously, makes decisions independently. Characteristically, the lack of conformity, leads a free dialogue with senior management, defends its position in order to achieve the goals of the company. Increases its competitiveness.
  2. Communicable. It creates an internal culture of communication, built on trust and respect, always ready to help colleagues. Rally the team.
  3. Pragmatist. Limits communication depending on its usefulness to work. Focused on achieving goals. This type of manager achieves significant results.
  4. Maverick. It conflicts with the representatives of the leadership, if they are incompatible with him individually, or the decisions they make contradict his system of values. Basically, such confrontations reflect the reaction of the creative person to the accepted patterns and defects of the bureaucratic system.
  5. Conformist. Fulfills all instructions of the management, even if he considers that they lead to negative consequences. Not committed to progress, often a network of such managers leads the organization to collapse.

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