What ring to give?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
April 5, 2013
What ring to give?

Since ancient times, a man gives a ring to his beloved in order to consolidate the relationship and show the seriousness of his intentions. To date, men continue to give this type of decoration, but they do not always mean "eternal love" by such a gift. Both psychologists and sociologists say that most often the male sex just wants to make a pleasant partner with such a gift. Actually, the girls no longer perceive the ring as a symbol of sincere love.

Ring selection

Based on the fact that this type of gift has become really very popular, let us figure out which ring to give to the beloved, in order to emphasize the significance of the relationship. So, consider the basic rules:

  • If you are giving a ring to a woman at the age, then here you should choose a more massive product, naturally with inlays in the form of precious stones. Such a ring will attract attention and be reported to all about the high status of women.
  • As for the question of what ring to give a girl when it comes to the chosen one of a young age. That is best suited thin rings with small pebbles, which emphasize the elegance of her hands. But here we also note that today, you can choose thin rings with a medium-sized stone.


The engagement party is one of the most significant events, and every girl dreams that a loved one would give a ring. And of course, everyone wants everything to go perfectly. But here there is a slight difficulty for the male in choosing the rings, because they will remain for many years a symbol of eternal love. So, consider the basic rules in the selection of such rings:

  • Despite the fact that massive rings are increasingly appearing, it is best to choose a thin ring or, in extreme cases, an average size. After all, it in no case should not look vulgar.
  • Not so long ago it became popular to engrave various symbols on such rings, significant dates or inscriptions important for a couple's relations. And this is a great idea, only the engraving should be on the inner side of the ring, otherwise by making one of the above suggestions, you would tell everyone about your relationship, and this should remain personal.
  • The stones on such rings are also not new, and there is no prohibition here, the main thing is that the stone or stones should be small and not colored. Ideal fit diamonds, diamonds or zirconium.

Now you know about the basic rules for choosing rings, do not forget the main thing, namely to choose the right size, otherwise the chosen one will inadvertently think that the ring was not meant for her. Remember that at any time in life, no matter how many years you have lived together, such a gift will be special. It is so pleasant to watch how the husband gave his wife a ring to remind him of his feelings after years, and certainly, every woman secretly dreams of such a gift.

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