What kind of snake eat?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
March 25, 2013
What kind of snake eat?

Today, there are thousands of different everyday and exotic recipes in cooking. Now it will be a question of such reptiles, as snakes. There are many legends about them that say that such a “yummy” can be eaten. Is it true? Now we will talk about what kind of snake is eaten, and what is not.

Snakes for food

The answer to this question will be positive, you can eat snakes. And they eat both poisonous and non-toxic. For this very reason, we will not make a long list, the only snakes that are not eaten are sea ones. The tradition of eating snakes came to Europe from the East. The most delicious snakes are young. Particular preference is given to the royal cobra.

Snake Dishes

Modern expensive restaurants have a varied menu of these creatures. For example, dishes from the viper, rattlesnake and many others. To make a snake, you need to behead it, take off the skin and gut it. After that, the carcass of the snake is washed and cut into small lobules.To make the meat delicate and soft, it is soaked in dry wine, and then fried in salted oil.

Many recipes say that the snake is rolled in flour, like fish, but according to tradition it is necessary to roll the snake in rice flour. It fries pretty quickly, about 4-5 minutes, after a golden crust is formed, which indicates the readiness of the dish.

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