What kind of croup can not be given to a dog?

What kind of croup can not be given to a dog?

  1. I'd rather say what kind of groats are good for a dog. Total 2 species are buckwheat and rice. So my dog ​​advised the wind after poisoning with foreign phials on the street.
  2. The stereotype opinion of the veterinarians is rice, buckwheat, oat-flakes.
    From myself I can add, many owners of dogs, with a long record of service, cook and pearl barley and pyshenka and a yacht.
    Features of each cereal.
    Pearl barley and a yak (both of which are barley) can cause frustration. When soaking and prolonged digestion does not cause frustration and is absorbed. Used as the main source of carbohydrates in dry food for dogs with diabetes, because of slow digestion and a long feeling of satiety.
    Millet is not recommended for dogs with a broad chest as it causes fermentation and can cause an acute expansion of the stomach. This disadvantage is eliminated if you mix mixed cereals with a millet content of not more than 40%.
    Ris hypoallergenic, well absorbed, too good, can cause constipation, with the addition of other groats, the norm.
    Oatmeal, also a low allergenic product, is well absorbed (boiled), but steamed is practically not digested and weakens, it also slacks cheap with a high content of husk.
    Corn is also often used in dietary foods, as a high-quality carbohydrate is low allergenic. Undercooked, as well as the yacht will cause frustration and not digest. For myself, corn groats soak for 12 hours and I cook an hour, dogs need to digest more.
    Buckwheat - excellent, well digested, with liver diseases can cause a sharp release of bile and pain syndrome.
    Manka is wheat, some dogs have flour allergies. Very well absorbed, promotes rapid weight gain.
    Wheat groats, the same shortcomings as the yachts, otherwise as a manga.

    Of course, you can not raise a dog on one porridge, it needs meat.

    The dog lives with a man for thousands of years and therefore it is better to absorb porridge than other predators.

    The basic rule, the groats for dogs need to boil more, porridge-mash, otherwise a pacifier.
    Second, it is better to boil an assorted assortment, and the proportions and type of croup should be selected according to your dog.
    Third, for better digestibility, cereals such as pearl barley, yak, corn and wheat must be soaked and boiled for a very long time.

    Look at your dog's condition, what kind of croup does not cause unpleasant consequences, and after which the dog is full and satisfied with life.

  3. mango, millet, barley is undesirable to give.
  4. Cereals just do not give the dog a dog predatory animal !!
  5. give the vet 1000 rubles, he will tell you: - You can
  6. I always cook buckwheat and rice (50 on 50), add meat there (as without it) and my eat with pleasure))
    and this is better than any harmful feeds)
  7. as a rule, they are not fed with millet, oatmeal (often there is a loose stool from it, but not all); not pervarivaetsya perlovka.
  8. To me, I said that the dog can not be fed with any grain. It is possible only pic. And my dog ​​from rice constipation terrible, and he does not like rice! We eat the egg with pleasure. And the same dog allowed to feed the dog with chocolate! Is this normal ?!
  9. to feed the dog best of all with meat, a dog's branch is the same wolf and a wolf is a predator who loves and wants to eat meat. To my malamutes I really limited the meat intake a little, now they eat rice and everything is fine)))
  10. Pearl barley is the majority of domestic cynologists against its application in general. This is the most difficult digestible croup for dogs. If there is an alternative, it is better not to use it.
    Oats in the opinion of most experts, is the best for feeding dogs, but there are opponents of its use. Very high in calories, contains more fat, fiber, calcium and phosphorus than other cereals.
    Wheat can be used only in crushed form, i.e. in the form of wheat cereal or cereal.
    Buckwheat groats are rich in lecithin, useful for violations of the liver. Contains more than other cereals, protein and calcium. You can use both whole grains and crushed (cut), better combined with other cereals.
    Barley as barley, refers to indigestible because of the high content of fiber.
    Corn cereals whole corn with dogs is not digested, it can only be used in the ground form (croup).
    Semolina is a stumbling block in the circle of dog handlers. There are recommendations from categorical to no less than categorical against.
    Rice like oatmeal is a diet for dogs. It has a high calorie content, therefore, in the diet of dogs prone to fullness, its use must be limited.
  11. you can feed only buckwheat and only rice ... we usually cook 50 on 50 ... well, naturally with meat ...
    .. the rest of the cereal may be harmful to the various organs of the dog ... do not forget that thoroughbred dogs are very tender for food ...
  12. I tried to give porridge to my dog, but she refused)
  13. I will say that it is possible-rice and buckwheat
  14. the most suitable and polezami for dogs are brown rice (grinding is also almost useless) and buckwheat, you can still steamed porridge, if there is no allergy to it. corn is essentially a bryndochist, which is not digested and simply creates a feeling of satiety. Semolina is also not digested and often leads to a set of excess weight. Yachku should not be given because of the high probability that it will carry) and barley does not need at all, it basically is not digested and the benefits of it are zero, only a swelling can be made.
  15. Our pearl barrel became very bad, no more pearl barley, rice caused diarrhea, oatmeal and buckwheat normally tolerates.

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