What is yoga?

Yoga is good for the soul and body, it purifies the person on both the physical and the spiritual level. You want to do yoga, but first you want to know more about what it is? Now we will tell you a little about what yoga is.

Definition of yoga

A teaching that includes a collection of physical and psychological exercises is called yoga. These exercises are aimed at cleansing the soul and the whole body. Such a connection is called voluntary, as the person comes into contact with himself. He works on his body, breath and consciousness. It is also a spiritual liberation from the routine, from the bustle of this world. Man reunites with the One.

First you need to get acquainted with the theory, and then move on to the practice itself. As you have probably heard, yoga came to us from India. If you translate the word "yoga", then its value will sound like "unity", "union", "bind". Scientists have found that the very first mention of yoga was in the Rigveda - the book of hymns. This book is very ancient, it is part of the Vedas (religious Hindu texts).

Yoga is not only a series of simple physical exercises. It has a serious philosophy. This philosophy is perceived as a method of self-development, a way of knowing the world, which is the main link between the body and soul. The temple of the soul must be protected and try to keep it as long as possible. That's what yoga is for in our world.


One of the main questions that arises in beginner yogis: what does yoga give, what are its goals and objectives? The main task of yoga is to improve one’s body. There are poses called asanas. These postures are motionless, in them a person becomes detached, he is independent of his body. Such detachment is associated with mental stability and poise.

When a person performs asanas, he gains mental, psychological and physical strength and health. He controls his emotions, controls his thoughts, learns his composure and ability to keep balance. This is what we need in order to overcome the difficulties of life, we find peace and satisfaction with fate. So a person improves and improves the quality of life.After we have controlled the mind, we smoothly proceed to work with consciousness. We reach a state of peace, we feel unity with all of nature. This is what yoga is good for.

Hatha yoga

Let's talk more about what yoga is for. Today, in all modern fitness clubs there are many types of yoga, you can choose any one you like best. One of these types of yoga is Hatha Yoga. In general, all types of yoga come from the main hatha yoga. We direct every pose, every asana to relaxation, we learn to use all the energy through mediation and control our breathing. During meditation, it is customary to say the words mantra. Mantras are prayers. The main goal of hath yoga is to achieve peace of mind. It is necessary to acquire a balance between body, spirit and the outside world.

Ashtanga yoga

One of the fastest and most dynamic options for yoga is ashtanga yoga. She reminds exercises in aerobics. In yoga, all series of poses are constantly held in the same order, as well as in the same rhythm of breathing. To practice ashtanga yoga you need good physical training.


Another set of elements of asanas and meditation is yogalates. Yogalates helps to develop flexibility, includes stretching, Pilates and a system of strength exercises. If you want to practice this type of yoga, you can easily master it, because it does not require a high level of physical fitness. Also yogalates brings muscles in tone.

When a person practices yoga, his body and soul relax, mental renewal takes place.

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