What is the whiskey in different countries?

This strong alcohol in Europe is produced from barley (in America - from corn) and malt by distillation and distillation. Of course, we will talk about whiskey.

A bit of history

Two countries traditionally dispute the right to call themselves the birthplace of whiskey: Scotland and Ireland. Historians believe that the distillation process itself was already known to Christian missionaries who arrived in Scotland. Those, in turn, recognized him from the Crusaders, who had visited the East. Only in this mountainous country, grapes were replaced by barley as the main raw material for production. The drink was then called the “water of life” (uisge beatha), from which the word “whiskey” originated.what's the whiskey

Stubborn Irishmen, by contrast, argue that barley alcohol is the invention of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Green Island. Stepping on the shores of Ireland for missionary purposes, he immediately began to do godly deeds: convert the pagans to their faith and produce "holy water." In this country, the distillation process itself was also improved (it is used to this day).

Interestingly, in Scotland, at first, the drink was used as medicine.But soon the production technology went beyond the monasteries among the farmers, who appreciated the taste and strength of the drink. And since the 16th century, whiskey began to be made throughout the country. This drink has become truly national.whiskey snack

Consumption culture

Irish whiskey is softer, it is customary not to dilute it. In Scots, there is a “rule of five S”: to see, smell, savor, swallow, splash water (all these words in English begin with this letter). By the way, Russian-speaking fans of whiskey renamed it the "rule of five P"! A diluted drink made soda (in America - "Coke").

Interestingly, according to the rules, whiskey is never drunk from glasses or piles (such as vodka). For this purpose, use massive low glasses with a very thick bottom, with a capacity of 200 ml, which are called toggle switches. When drinking a drink, they should be filled to a third.

What does the Irish bite whiskey

We turn to this important issue. It is known that the appetizer for whiskey in Ireland is not accepted at all. For example, in their traditional pubs. There is a question about the better bite of whiskey, it is not necessary as such! In extreme cases, the proposed beer "Guinness". As the best snack to whiskey (or rather, zapivka). This, of course, is a very effective way of "polishing."Immediately I recall a common phrase: beer without vodka - money down the drain! If, however, move away from the pubs, then in fact, in Ireland, after all, a starter for whiskey is accepted as seafood and oysters. Also used are salmon, smoked salmon, baked meat and game. It is believed that it is better to eat alcohol than to drink or dilute it is not known what. In which regions does a whiskey snack also exist? Let's return to one small and proud country.whiskey

In Scotland

What is the Scotch's whiskey snack? Time passes, and does not stand still. And in Scotland, the rules for drinking were relaxed. Here in restaurants (but not in pubs, which still remain in conservative positions) have already thought about the question of what kind of snack is suitable for whiskey. Cooks, it became clear that not all men in the world are as strong as the highlanders. Therefore, they offer several "on duty" dishes. So, than snacks whiskey in Scotland in restaurants:

But in the national pubs of this all, of course, will not offer. There they hold sacred traditions and drink Scotch whiskey, washing it down with water and observing the “rule of five S”.what kind of snack goes well with whiskey

In the USA and Japan

In America, where bourbon (corn whiskey) also claims to be the national drink, the tradition of snacks on this drink is somewhat different.There, it is customary, first, to dilute the whiskey with "Coke", and second, to have snacks on it with sweets: chocolate, fruit, dessert. Sometimes washed down with juice (apple or grape). It is also customary to drink whiskey with ice, which is contrary to the European tradition to use it warm or even hot. The real connoisseurs of the drink believe that ice whiskey “burns” the taste receptors, and you simply will not feel the original flavor of the drink. Of course, there is a certain amount of logic in this from the point of view of biology and physics. Also recently, special stones have been used to cool the drink (without diluting it).

In Japan, they also began to produce their whiskey. They suggest drinking it hot (like shoke, Japanese vodka) and eating sushi with seafood.better to have a bite of whiskey

In Russia

What is the whiskey snack with us? Traditionally, it is common in the open spaces of the Motherland to snack hard liquor (for example, vodka). Look, no holiday is complete without abundant food: salads, first courses, second, sweets, dessert. And when guests come, you do not put a bottle of alcohol on an empty table. Be sure to attend an appetizer in one form or another.And let the Scots and the Irish (as well as the Americans) honor their traditions, and we will observe our customs.

Council universal

If friends or relatives have told you that they will come to visit with a bottle of whiskey, as a snack, safely put on the table all those dishes that are traditionally present on your table: Russian salad, salads, roast, baked chicken. Do not hesitate to the fact that your "snack" will not be the same as in Europe or the United States. The main thing is that it is tasty and cooked with love and skill! Enjoy your meal!

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