What is the proverb?

Natalya Galushko
Natalya Galushko
March 28, 2013
What is the proverb?

What is paremiology? And paremiography? Surely, most of these questions will answer with their own: "What kind of interesting sciences are these?" Well, let's understand!

Paroimía - as the Greeks call the proverb. Consequently, paremiology is a branch of literary studies and is committed to studying and organizing the history and theory of proverbs. And paremiography, in turn, is the science that is responsible for collecting, as well as for recording and publishing proverbs. But you probably already had another question: “What is a proverb?”. Now we will answer it. A proverb is a definite verbal circulation, which is perceived as a formula in mathematics. This is punishment, this is advice. This statement, and the conclusion in the form of aphorism. Proverbs are composed by the people, based on the events and conclusions made after these events. Sometimes, however, proverbs are also borrowed from the works of the classics. In one sentence, proverbs sum up what has been said, formulate an instructive conclusion, instruct and admonish. In every proverb there is a clear instructive meaning of the statement. By this, proverbs differ from sayings, sayings and maxims.

Examples of proverbs

  • “You walk up in the summer - you get tired of it in the winter” - this tells you how important it is to prepare for any business in advance.
  • “It is better to be silent than lie” - and this proverb teaches honesty. Almost like a commandment, even a way out suggests from a delicate situation. Than to tell a lie, it is better not to say anything at all.
  • “Long day before evening, if there is nothing to do” - it says how boring it is to live without work. Notice, in the very proverb about work - not a word, but you understood perfectly what was going on, didn't you? Here is a clear example of how popular proverbs are.
  • “There is no friend like my dear mother” - well, and the fact that we have no man in the world is dearer than you, you probably don’t need to be convinced.
  • “There is no friend, so search, but there is, so take care” - this is one of the proverbs about the value of true friendship. And immediately you probably remembered another, very famous proverb about a hundred friends.
  • “It is bad for someone who does not do good to anyone” - a proverb about attitudes towards people. On this subject, too, folk wisdom is not limited to this proverb.Remember: "How goes around ..."?

And, believe me, there is a proverb on every life situation. What is the right thing to do, what can be done and what is better to refrain from, with whom to be friends, and which people to get round ... Now you will know what a proverb is. And following the wise advice, concluded in a few words of these popular aphorisms, you certainly can not go wrong and become a clever person, tactful and prudent.

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