What is the noosphere?

January 26, 2015
What is the noosphere?

In the explanatory dictionaries, the concept of "noosphere" defines a new, higher stage of development of the biosphere. Etymology goes back to the two Greek words "mind" and "sphere", that is, literally - "sphere of mind", the interaction of mankind with primeval nature, in which a reasonable beginning comes to the forefront of development.

The features of the noosphere and the prerequisites for its appearance are discussed below.

Biosphere and noosphere

Roughly speaking, the biosphere is all living things on planet Earth. This rather thin shell includes all living organisms that inhabit the land, water and air spaces. Why thin? Because compared to the total area and volume of the planet, it takes only a small part in percentage terms. And this fragile layer is very easy to destroy!

What is the noosphere? It was defined by some scientists as an evolved biosphere, including the driving force - the human mind and will.


This scientist is considered the father of the concept of "noosphere". He argued that the prerequisites for the emergence of the noosphere were:

  • the destruction of species of wildlife that competed with humans;
  • human settlement, as a species, throughout the planet;
  • creation of a unified communication and control system;
  • active development of new types of energy sources;
  • political and social reforms of mankind, equality of all before the laws;
  • the involvement of the general public in science;
  • the formation of mankind, as a "geological force";
  • and of course — the installation of a Marxist-Leninist single planetary state — where in those revolutionary years without it!

And he firmly believed that with his work, with his thought, man can transform the face of the planet, defining the noosphere, as an already established reality or as the inevitable near future.

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