The table is an important element of an interior in any house. The dining table is the place where the whole family gathers. Desk - the center of the workspace. Coffee table - a small companion, disposed to get-togethers with guests for a cup of tea. One thing unites them all - the tabletop, which is perhaps the main part of any table.

What are countertops?

Today, the tabletop for the future table can be easily chosen to your liking - they exist in the most intricate shapes, sizes, colors. You can order a table top from a designer and get a product that corresponds to fashion trends, or you can make it according to your own sketch, becoming the owner of a truly unique sample. But the most important characteristic is undoubtedly the material, because it is he who is responsible for the strength and durability of the future table. Depending on the purpose for which the table will serve, the optimal variant of a suitable material will also change.

What material is better for countertops?

It depends on which table it is made for. For the coffee table, you can choose the most unusual materials, but choosing a kitchen countertop must be based on its purely practical qualities.
The most classic look is a wooden tabletop. This is the easiest choice, familiar to the ordinary people and perfectly fit into any interior style, and wood also remains the most ecological material. But it is worth remembering about the low resistance of a wooden tabletop to mechanical damage.
Laminate worktops have also become very popular, especially in the manufacture of kitchen tables. It is resistant to high temperatures, waterproof and does not require special care - it is enough to wipe the laminate with a damp cloth.
Artificial stone worktop the most durableArtificial stone worktop the most durable
A glass top is an original solution for people who like to add something unusual to their interior. Glass on coffee tables are already familiar, but, recently, it is increasingly being used in the manufacture of dining and even kitchen tables.The most important problem of glass remains its fragility and instability to damage.
Countertops made of natural stone - the most, perhaps, monumental view. Stone, a noble and "living" material, especially elegant looks in the manufacture of furniture. The stone is resistant to external damage, temperature, moisture. It is environmentally friendly and hygienic, which makes it an ideal material for the kitchen. Countertops made of natural stone are the most durable and durable.

What is the best worktop thickness?

The thickness of the tabletop depends on the place of its operation. Choosing the thickness, it is necessary to analyze the upcoming loads and the material of the tabletop. For example, a kitchen worktop, where this is the main work area, should be chosen thicker than for a bathroom, where the worktop is used very little. On average, the thickness of the table top should be 40 mm.

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