What is support?

Reliance, help, assistance - all these words that can be safely attributed to the concept of "support". It can be moral, material, technical, legal, etc. In this article we will talk about the most famous types of this concept.

What is support: definition

Support is help to someone in need, reliance, assistance, a series of actions or words aimed at changing the situation for the better. In modern life, this word is used in many senses and situations. Let's talk more about the use of the word "support".

Moral support

When a person feels bad, he seeks sympathy and understanding. Friends, relatives and all who can say words of comfort and give good advice are able to provide support. In especially difficult moments, overwhelmed by heavy thoughts, a person can turn to a psychologist and hear something that can positively influence him. Words of comfort, approval and praise, sympathy and empathy - all this is included in the concept of "moral support". It heals a person when he is emotionally “split” into parts.

Moral support is no less important if a person starts a new business.Often, not sure that everything will go exactly as we would like, he appeals to friends and family members who are able to instill in him hope for success and make him believe in the best. Words of approval carry a great meaning when someone takes a step toward new beginnings.

Material support

Speaking of support of this type, it means financial assistance. As a rule, this is a gratuitous transfer of money or material goods that help in a given situation. Support can be directed to students, single mothers, retirees, people who are granted benefits.

Material support may relate to the business sector when sponsors help with money to a promising enterprise. This is a kind of profitable investment, which will pay off over time, but it also counts as financial support.

Legal support

The basis of this concept is a complex of legal services that are provided to people who have fallen into a difficult situation. These may be problems with the division of property, eviction from premises, agreements on the sale and purchase of an apartment, etc.Legal support is provided by lawyers, on whose knowledge and skills it depends, in whose favor the most pressing issue will be resolved.

How to find support for a person, including legal, will be prompted by the article How to find help.

Information support

As a rule, it concerns people involved in the management of any objects. This concept is based on the process of providing information. For example, support sites may be informative. This is necessary so that they are constantly updated and attract users, thereby ensuring their popularity.

Information support may come from magazines and newspapers that post advertising news about an upcoming event (for example, a fashion show or a new performance). Such support helps to attract an audience that is interested in this information and wants to attend the intended event.

Technical support

Technical support is the provision of services designed to help users in working with various equipment. As a rule, this is advice or useful information on how to properly use technical equipment and what to do in case of a problem.Technical support can be paid and free, it is provided in various ways: by phone, online, with personal contact. It can be provided by both an individual and an electronic system, which offers to follow step-by-step instructions in order to eliminate the problem that has arisen.

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