What is sulfur?

Kate flower
Kate flower
January 26, 2015
What is sulfur?

Sulfur is an element 16 of the group of 3 periods in the periodic table of chemical elements of DI Mendeleev. It has 16 atomic number and is denoted by the symbol S. It has non-metallic properties.

The word "sulfur" has been known since the 15th century, it was already actively used in Ancient Russia. Then this word denoted pitch, as well as combustible material and fat. There is also the Latin word "sulfur", which presumably means "burn."

What is sulfur? This word has many meanings, as it is a resin, and a substance of volcanic origin, and a chemical element, and the well-known ear sulfur. Let us consider in more detail the basic meanings that this word has.

What is sulfur: the meaning of the word

  1. Sulfur is a non-biodegradable substance with fusible and highly combustible properties. It is a fossil of volcanic origin, has a yellow or grayish color.
  2. Sulfur is a chemical element that is used in engineering and medicine.
  3. Sulfur is a yellow and fatty substance that forms on the walls of the ear canal.
  4. Sulfur - resin released from coniferous trees.

Sulfur is contained in the composition of certain enzymes, helps protein synthesis. In one person, about 2 grams of sulfur is about 1 kilogram of weight.

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