What is scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is such a kinddecorative and applied art, with which you can make and decorate photo albums, postcards etc. Now you can decorate yourself and different books, and notebooks. You only need the desire to make, but the fantasy here is where to clear up. Understand what scrapbooking is, it's easy. This kind of needlework is associated with the creation of crafts made of paper and additional elements. These elements can be a variety of household items: threads, ropes, beads, shells and everything that is at hand.

What is scrapbooking we learned thanks to England. There in the 17th century a book on history appeared in which the last pages were empty and the reader could fill them with his notes. Then they began to create different notebooks, diaries, in which they made notes and decorated them with flowers, beads, photos. And such products were of spiritual value, because, in addition to important records, they contained a part of the soul. In translation from English, "scrapbooking" means "book of scrapbooks". And this name appeared in the 30s of the XIX century.

Scrapbooking makes it possible to manufacture anddecorate not only albums (different forms: a clamshell, a house, an accordion album), today it is also popular to make scrap-cards, calendars, business cards, photo frames. And these are wonderful gifts for friends and relatives.

You can still decorate photos, combine pictures, make frames using computer programs. This is the so-called digital scrapbooking.

To better understand what scrapbooking is, and start this kind of needlework, you need to know what materials and tools are needed for this.

So, the main material is paper. There is a special paper that does not turn yellow and does not affect the photos, we can say that it is durable. It can be monochrome, patterned, glossy or matte, with various details. But there are not such sets of paper in every city. They are often ordered through the Internet or abroad. Watercolor and designer paper are great for scrapbooking.

Care must be taken and glue. It should not turn yellow and leave spots. Before buying, better consult with the master. Often, instead of glue, use a double-sided adhesive tape. Since it is a little voluminous, then the craft is more interesting. The attachment to such an adhesive tape has a higher strength.

Tools for scrapbooking are stillscissors, often curly, clerical knife, punchers are such (especially hole and corner drills) that allow you to make lace patterns, stamps with drawings or individual figures.

Kalka, colored paper, cardboard, markers, pens, crayons can come in handy in decorating the product.

Scrapbooking uses a lot of Russianornaments that can be very different. This is a professional fittings, and materials that can be irreplaceable in the decor of your favorite thing.

Sewing fittings are often used, for examplebuttons that can come in handy for the core of flowers, beads, beads, rhinestones, sequins. Shells and pebbles are used to achieve the desired volume. Applied and textile materials: satin ribbon, lace, braid, cord. These are widely used materials for scrapbooking.

The original element of scrapbooking isA label that is put in an envelope or pocket or pasted to the right place on the page. It can carry a graphic or text message, it can be any form you need.

On the question, what is scrapbooking, you can answer,that this entertainment is an interesting leisure for the whole family. It will help develop creativity and beautify life. This kind of art will become an exciting activity for both children and adults.

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