What is prevention? Prevention methods

Nowadays, almost everywhere you can hear the word "prevention", what it really is, is not clear to everyone. In our article you will find answers to many questions related to this event. There are also recommendations on how to carry out prophylaxis on your own, why you should do it.

What does prevention mean?

Prevention is a Greek word that translates as “protection.” That is, it is a set of necessary measures that will contribute to reducing the risk of disease and injury. This process can occur in any place where people can stay:

  • in the village as a whole;
  • in production;
  • at school / university;
  • on the streets;
  • Outdoors;
  • at home.

As you can see, prevention can be done everywhere. What is health, great well-being and how to live without disease? This is what prevention can tell.

what is prevention

Even in official sources one can meet the definition: “these are measures for the preventionthe occurrence of disease and injury. " What does a warning mean? The point is that there is no trouble at all. In addition, prevention is carried out even when unpleasant symptoms have already appeared.

In what areas do they spend it?

This event actually refers not only to medicine, but also to technology. But the article is completely devoted to medical prevention. On the technical field will tell briefly.

The fact is that a technical structure or equipment can become faulty at any time, and, as a rule, unpleasant situations and serious consequences arise. To prevent this from happening, prevention is carried out. In this case - testing, inspection for damage, replacement of defective or exhausted elements.

As an example, consider turning off the hot water for two weeks in the summer to check the replacement of pipes. Also, prevention is carried out on TV channels, on servers on the Internet.

Primary prevention in medicine

We have disassembled what prevention is. Now let's take a look at the stages. What does primary mean? Imagine that you live in a particular country.There was an announcement that in some cities, people received parasitic invasion due to river fish. But no one has got infected in your city yet. We need to make sure that the disease does not happen. Doctors, epidemiologists make instructions for people that it is impossible to use river fish and swim in open reservoirs. Thus, prevention is born. The same applies to viral and microbial infections, but it uses special tools, food.

preventive measures

In addition, prevention is carried out among people who want the body to remain healthy always: the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract, eyesight, bones and joints, and so on.

Secondary prevention

But it also happens that a person is already sick. As a rule, with the onset of suffering, people begin to realize that it was possible to prevent trouble. Often, acute symptoms become chronic, such as gastritis. He then amplifies, then disappears altogether. When the disease subsides, goes into remission, you can begin to carry out prevention of relapse, or even be completely cured.

Also, medical prevention (secondary) offers for patientsSpecial services: physiotherapy, motels, massage, gymnastics and physical education.

Independent disease prevention measures

Even at school, children are taught how and what to do to stay healthy:

  • eat fully and on time;
  • carry out hygiene procedures;
  • clean the accommodation;
  • to walk outside;
  • do exercises.

Of course, these measures are quite reasonable. They are not just created. These are not only prevention methods, but also a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, not every one of us fulfills all the listed recommendations, as a result of which troubles occur in the form of chronic diseases that need to be treated.

medical prevention

It also depends on the quality of food, the absence / presence of bad habits, stressful situations, and the scope of activities.

Diagnostics and research

It is not enough to have a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to undergo medical examination from time to time, that is, to check the state from the inside:

  • blood composition;
  • the state of the internal organs;
  • hormone levels;
  • presence / absence of pathogenic flora in the body.

Therefore, doctors recommend to be examined before the onset of symptoms.Prevention in this case will always be primary, which means that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure.

But unfortunately, it also happens that one classical medical examination is not enough. Not all pathologies can be identified by modern methods.

Why is it needed for employees

In hazardous and hazardous production, measures to prevent serious illness and injury must always be observed. Not only doctors, but also an occupational safety engineer work on this problem. What is prevention at the enterprise? We better show by examples.

prevention methods

Suppose a person works in a furniture factory. But at its production in one of the shops it is constantly dusty, there are poisonous impurities in the air, small chips. This means that in order to protect the worker from poisoning and diseases of the lungs, as well as to protect his eyes, it is necessary to provide protective equipment: respirator, overalls, shoes, glasses.

What is prevention, for example, in educational institutions? Very often, children in kindergartens and students suffer from epidemics of viruses, as they constantly stay together in the same room. Therefore, doctors offer vaccinations to avoid getting sick.

Is prophylaxis necessary?

Of course, prevention is necessary to help yourself and your loved ones. After all, it is better to be healthy than sick and have dire consequences. Therefore it is recommended:

  • to harden;
  • rest more;
  • get enough sleep;
  • be in the fresh air;
  • move;
  • do the house cleaning.

Preventive measures for almost everyone are the same, but everyone chooses his own: drug or natural. The first involves vaccinations, medications, the second - a change of lifestyle to a healthy one.

Hygiene and cleaning

Why do many experts say about the purity of the body and in the room? Because harmful microorganisms accumulate on the body, and in the room there can be absolutely any pathogenic microflora, dust, allergens.

treatment and prevention

Therefore, the prevention methods associated with cleaning and washing / washing are very important for everyone.

Does prevention guarantee 100% protection?

It often happens that a person complies with all preventive measures, but still falls ill. Unfortunately, 100% protection cannot be guaranteed. Even seemingly reliable vaccination may not help. Why? Let's start with vaccinations. It contains a specific virus, but now their strains are changing, mutations occur. Therefore, grafting is not always effective.

As for hardening, proper nutrition and walks, then here it is not always possible to get rid of diseases. There are many factors for the occurrence of various symptoms that can be missed. For example, can a person fully protect against oncology? Answer: Yes, theoretically, he can, but he needs to completely change his place of residence, food, thought, activity, and methods of treatment.

symptoms prevention

Also, as a preventive measure, psychological measures can be applied: avoid depression, stressful situations. But for a greater guarantee, an aggregate is needed, since the human body is a very complex mechanism that requires not one, but a whole series of measures.

How to stay always healthy and is it possible?

There are people who have completely changed their lifestyles and food, so they are always healthy. For example, traditional doctors, who once fell ill themselves, but managed to recover completely due to alternative medicine, naturopathy, recommend some recipes to a patient for healing:

  • cleansing the body of toxins;
  • purification of the soul from the negative;
  • a cardinal change of food for raw foods or vegetarianism;
  • doing gymnastics and exercise;
  • useful hobby and so on.

In fact, this is prevention. Diagnosis of diseases often makes it possible to make the correct diagnosis, to understand the cause and eliminate it.

Prevention facilities

Currently, there are many preventive institutions. Most often, these are narrow-profile motels and resorts. For example, for sanatorium-resort treatment of cardiovascular diseases, patients are admitted with various diagnoses in cardiology and vascular surgery. Psychotherapy is also possible, as many diseases arise on nerves.

means of prevention

Treatment and prevention are carried out, as a rule, periodically, so that the obtained effect is fixed for a long time, and the person either entered stable remission or was completely cured. In addition, you need to prevent relapses and recurrence.

We have examined what prevention means and why it is carried out. Remember that health is completely in your hands. Prophylactic agents are effective if complex measures are applied in consultation with a medical professional.But independent measures and methods are permissible, if a person knows exactly how you can help yourself and your family, which diseases can be avoided and why they occur.

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