What is joomla?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
February 3, 2015
What is joomla?

More and more people want to have their own website. It can be a homepage, a blog or an online store. But few people have sufficient knowledge of programming and HTML markup. In this case, you can create a website of any complexity using the Joomla content management system. What is Joomla? This is a free software that allows you to create and manage sites without special skills.

Joomla features

In fact, Joomla is a set of scripts written in the PHP programming language. The main feature of this CMS (content management system) is ease of management with maximum functionality. Joomla has a lot of built-in features, the main ones are:

  • creating an unlimited number of pages organized in a clear structure;
  • easy change of site template;
  • news feed support;
  • SEO support;
  • storing information in databases, etc.

Those who are not enough built-in features can extend the functionality with additional modules. For the design of the site, you can use ready-made templates or make a Joomla template yourself.Joomla has an open source code, i.e., knowing the basics of PHP and JavaScript, you can completely change the design, additional fields, site structure.

How can joomla be used

Knowing how to work with Joomla, you can create the following web resources:

  • personal page or business card site;
  • information blog;
  • news portal or online newspaper;
  • website for running a small business or online commerce;
  • Corporate website.

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