What is the largest flower in the world?

The largest flower in the world. The relevance of this topic

In fact, the wonders of nature will probably never cease to please the human eye. Agree, each time leaving the house, we fall into the luxurious kingdom of flora. The flora surrounding us is very multifaceted. He then pleases and surprises with his paints, then makes one think and causes affection, and sometimes conquers with beauty. Record holder mass. For example, there are plants that are striking in their height: their lower branches grow higher than the highest oaks of Russia. Or Victoria Amazon, which has the largest sheet in the world and is able to withstand not only the weight of a child, but also an average adult. Do you know that the indisputable giant of the planet is considered to be the redwood evergreen - a tree proudly towering over the forests of California? But the well-known coconut palm tree can boast the largest seeds. They, among other things, are very viable, often, when they enter the ocean, they migrate to distant shores, where they sprout successfully after some time.the largest flower in the worldWhere can you see the largest flower in the world?

Does it really exist? What does he look like? According to information provided by biologists, the largest flower in the world has a plant under the complex name Rafflesia Arnoldi. This is actually an amazing and unique representative of the flora, which is found exclusively on the islands of the Malay Archipelago. The beautiful flower got its name thanks to the people who once discovered it - the bold officer Raffles and the outstanding botanist Arnold. The plant of amazing beauty has neither leaves nor roots. It parasitizes on vines, digging into their wood with thin threads. The size of the Arnoldi rafflesia is huge. Throughout history, the largest flower in the world has reached a diameter of 106.7 cm and a weight of 6 kg. He has another feature. True, it certainly can not be called pleasant for those who are in close proximity. It exudes a truly unpleasant smell, which in most cases is compared to the smell of rotting meat. And all because the plant is thus forced to attract flies pollinating a flower. Arnoldi rafflesia propagated by seeds distributed by large animals or birds.the biggest flowerThe largest flower in the world.Let's talk about height 

Another champion, but this time on the desire to upward - amorphofallus titanic. The plant is found in different parts of Southeast Asia, and the islands of Sumatra are considered to be its homeland. The height of the inflorescence is more than 2.5 m, and the width is 1.5 m. The largest of the representatives of this class found is a flower weighing 75 kg, which managed to reach three meters in height. Such dimensions are not surprising.the biggest in the world

But not everything is perfect in this plant. Its smell is also terrible, no wonder the second name of the titanic amorphophallus "cadaver flower". However, apparently, this “flavor” is not to our liking only to us, people. But the insect pollinators, in particular the padal flies and beetles, simply attract themselves to the plant. Due to its natural features, it is heated to about 40 degrees Celsius, the flower spreads a fetid odor for, as a rule, several kilometers. It should be noted that in natural conditions, titanic amorphophallus blooms once every three years. With each subsequent time, it becomes higher and more beautiful, and all because the underground tuber is gaining more and more strength. This "wonderful" plant is trying to grow in botanical gardens around the world.Very many travelers and lovers of the exotic seek to see its magnificent flowering, which, under artificial conditions, unfortunately, occurs only two or three times in forty years.

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