What is interesting to children?

Our today's article, dear reader, is devoted to an important topic. Almost everyone loves children. However, not all of them understand well enough and know how to organize their leisure properly. Today we will answer the question about what is interesting for children.

What are children of different ages interested in?

A person's life and periods of its development determine the main or the so-called leading human activity, no matter what period it is in. That is why it is advisable to talk about the interests of man, starting from the moment of life and the age that he is experiencing now. Let's start with the smallest. What is interesting to a child per year?

Interests up to 3 years

  • The period of early childhood lasts from birth to three years. During this period, the most rapid development of man in his entire life takes place. It is difficult to imagine the amount of information that literally falls on a child in these years. The first three years form the basis of the future personality of the child, so it is necessary to choose the right games to play with the baby.
  • For the first year of a baby’s life, when he has not yet mastered many skills, it’s interesting that you can touch it with your hands, feet, or put it in your mouth. Any object, not even a toy, will carry your child away for a long time. Thus, the main task of parents is to trace the safety of the object with which their child plays.
  • At this age, it is necessary to establish good physical contact with the baby. It is necessary to touch him, hug, kiss and interact with his body.
  • Also, a conversation with the baby is very helpful to his development. In no case do not miss the babbling of the child, because this is its basis for future speech. Age from one to three years is a crisis age. Any crisis is the destruction of the old and the creation of the new. So it is with man. The child learns new and new ways of interacting with the outside world. Your task is to actively help the baby.
  • The key interest of a child of this age is the variety of toys and games that he plays. By three years, the child’s social circle is expanding. Now he interacts not only with family and friends, more and more often he sees strangers, including peers.Parents or caregivers must create the necessary and right conditions for the development of social potential.
  • Any fun outdoor games in the company of kids will help them overcome the barrier of communication.
  • Educational games: constructors, puzzles, coloring books and much more - this is what is interesting for children of this age.

Children after 3 years

  • After overcoming the crisis, the child enters the stage of childhood, which takes a period of 3 to 11 years. These eight long years are the most important life stages for a child.
  • At the age of 3 to 5 years, the child is actively showing his interest in the cognitive sphere. This age is remarkably suitable for the formation of the first knowledge about science, for reading and arithmetic, which should be presented to the child in the form of a game.
  • Throughout his childhood, the child begins to play games that determine his role interests. In boys, they are firefighters, astronauts, pilots, and so on, and in girls, they are mothers, wives, doctors. It is in these games that the future personality is formed, the success of which directly depends on the quality of the organization of the game.

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