What is a fish?

Not paying attention to the good nutritional value of fish, the saturation after its use lasts a short time. That's why you need to know what the fish is with. The period of satiety after eating fish dishes lasts a short time, but the side dishes correct this deficiency.

Eating fish with vegetables improves absorption by the body of the latter. The choice of garnish depends on the quality of the combination of both products - fish and garnish. The garnish should help improve the taste and aroma of the fish dish.

In cooking, some combinations of fish and served side dishes are already established. As an example, you can offer a combination of boiled fish and potatoes, salted herring, sprat and herring with boiled eggs. Fatty fish perfectly combines sour foods, pickled vegetables or lemon. Fresh fish expressiveness of taste is added by pickled cucumbers, capers, and also olives.

What eat fish

So, why should you eat fish?

  • As a side dish, fish is more often served with stewed, boiled or fried vegetables. It is equally important that the vegetables were beautifully sliced, and looked appetizing.You can cut the vegetables into cubes so that they keep their shape well when processing them. As for fried vegetables, fried potatoes in harmony with parsley or celery harmonize well with fish. Among stewed vegetables to fish it would be good to pick carrots stewed with prunes.
  • Tomatoes in combination with fish are used, as a rule, fresh, but they can also be used to make pasta.
  • Fresh cucumbers are thrown into a fish salad or served fresh to fried fish. Also, pickled squash looks good and combined with fish dishes.
  • Fresh salads that are rich in vitamins and minerals are very harmoniously combined with fish. They are seasoned with sour cream or mayonnaise.
  • The onions, which contain essential oils, give the fish an unsurpassed flavor and an appetizing taste.
  • Spinach or sorrel also goes well with baked fish.
  • Mushrooms in any treatment are well suited to boiled fish.

What is fish for children, also an interesting question. As a rule, it is a side dish of vegetables that a child loves most. For example, you can grate carrots on a coarse grater and put a couple of drops of oil on top, or boil broccoli steamed, which is also a very useful and fortified product. You can also make a fresh salad from a diverse amount of vegetables.

If you want to serve fish sauce, you do not need to buy it in the store, you can cook it yourself at home. This is the so-called salsa sauce. Mexican sauce, which is based on fresh tomatoes, onions and hot chili peppers. Salsa can be served to the fish along with vegetables in cold or hot.

What is the combination of fish

But in addition to side dishes, there are other additives and products that should be combined with fish.

  • The most appropriate addition to fish dishes is lemon juice, olive, mustard or sunflower oil. It can also be a variety of salad dressings. They are served on the table in small quantities, in special sauceboats.
  • Who likes to be pampered with a good drink, can combine strong wines such as sherry, port or vermouth with red or just salty fish. Well, and semi-sweet wines are well combined with fish appetizers.

There are many products that are well combined with fish dishes or fish snacks. How many tastes, so many ideas for decorating fish dishes. One person can love vegetables with fish, the other does not accept any side dishes at all.Opinions can be quite different, and they can be very much. Just try the most colorful and tasty to arrange fish delights and side dishes. It is even better to have healthy and non-fat foods. Bon Appetit!

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