What is DFT? Time for Print. Photo session on the conditions of DFT

Currently professionally taken photos are deservedly very popular. After all, this is not just some pictures. First of all, an image is created that fascinates with its appearance. Harmony of colors, charming looks - all this is the merit of the photographer, in whose power to create the necessary picture. But the price for such pleasure is not as low as it may seem. Many who have come across the term TFP regard this as a way to get hold of professional-level images for free. But, most likely, they do not fully understand what DFT is.

Some people draw a parallel with the freebie, but this approach is at least unfair. Meanwhile, there are some peculiarities that should be mentioned. But first we should start with the disclosure of the definition itself.

TFP Definition

The term TFP itself stands for Time for Print, which can be translated from English as "time for printing." In addition, there is another concept - Time for CD.In this case, the pictures are not printed, but are provided on a CD or DVD media.tfp what is

The whole point comes down to the following: the photographer takes a model that poses for him without a monetary reward. At the same time, it is impossible to call it completely free because it is also a job. Rather, the phrase “service for service” is appropriate. If the model and the photographer interact on mutually beneficial terms, this means that they work on TFP terms.

In other words, DFT may have a decoding such - cooperation between a photographer and a non-commercial model. As payment here time spent appears. It turns out something like barter.

What are the conditions for DFT?

Before holding any photo session, the customer and the performer enter into an agreement that guarantees the fulfillment of obligations with each of the parties. With respect to filming, DFT is a special contract that is referred to as Model Release. According to this document, the model gives the photographer the right to dispose of pictures for any purpose, including a commercial one, including the transfer of photographs to a third party.

By signing the contract, she agrees to the processing of personnel.The terms of the document must be read very carefully, because it specifies who will be the owner of the photos and what exactly he will do with them. If the models have not yet turned 18, then the parents sign the contract indicating their passport details.

Duties of the parties

Also, the parties can discuss some details of the DFT project. There are no specific conditions here, but there are generally accepted agreements. The following responsibilities are the responsibility of the photographer:

  • The choice of location for filming.
  • Selection of the necessary equipment, including lighting.
  • Processing of finished images or video.

The model itself is also charged with something, namely:

  • Prepare the right clothes and cosmetics.
  • Time to arrive at the venue of the photo session.
  • If the model is not 18 years old, parents must be present.
  • Finished pictures can not be sold.
  • If photos are published, they need to put a watermark.

Usually, after the event, the photographer can publish pictures on the Internet, magazines, books, on posters, and take part in some photo exhibition with their help.Also in his right to sell photos on microstocks and photobanks. As for the model, it can use its images only as a portfolio.tfp shooting it

However, all conditions for DFT shooting can be adjusted at the request of the participant at the signing stage of the Model Release. At the same time, according to the law of the Russian Federation, the photographer is not entitled to defame or discredit the honor and dignity of the model. In this connection, she can sign the contract without worrying about it.

The need to sign a contract

Many newcomers who are just starting their career as a photographer can ignore the signing of such a non-commercial agreement, hoping for the good word of the artist. Such a move is thoughtless and highly undesirable.

Even if the model gives its verbal consent to the publication, sale and other purposes of its pictures, such promises do not have legal force. In her life can happen a variety of circumstances. Perhaps her relatives are not allowed to publish her pictures anymore, or a jealous husband will appear. Also, the model itself can change its opinion: if earlier it did not bother her, now it may seem obscene for her.

However, all situations can hardly be enumerated, since there can be a great many. DFT shooting is a kind of activity where, without consent, which is made in writing, the photographer is not allowed to fully manage the pictures of the model. Therefore, before starting to work, it is necessary to conclude an agreement. This will create a professional working atmosphere.

Is it free

In order to finally dissuade some people that shooting under TFP conditions is sometimes difficult, but not free work, the following arguments can be made. In many ways, this erroneous impression is due to the lack of a commercial basis in the contract. That is, no one can earn this. However, this does not mean that there are no costs.tfp projects

For example, a girl has a desire to capture herself on horseback, and dressed in clothes from the Middle Ages. She will need to find a photographer who agrees to this concept of photography. But besides him, you need a makeup artist and other necessary wizard. At the same time, renting a dress and a horse is already its direct expenses. As you can see, TFP-shooting or time for prints is not a free process.

We can give another example. The photographer has an interesting photo idea.Here already all organizational measures are assigned to him: from the selection of a model and makeup artist to finding the details and the venue of the photo session. If he has a known name, and the idea is really original and can attract attention to himself, then you can get by with little financial loss or not at all to spend anything. This is how lucky.

But this happens only if the project is unique, and all participants receive not monetary remuneration, but professional material for the portfolio.

Who would be useful for shooting TFP?

Most of us have a job where we get a cash reward - it has happened since ancient times. In addition, the salary always wants to get decent, but beginners need to gain experience. The same applies to novice photographers. Thus, shooting Time for Print can pursue the following objectives:

  • Creating and filling a portfolio.
  • Conducting experiments and improving the level of skill.
  • Creation.

Each of these goals is practiced as needed. There should be a comparison between the commercial shooting and the so-called TFP photo session.In the first case, usually before the photographers put tough conditions that he can not break. Here it is impossible to conduct experiments, and all the work is being done according to the already developed and tested scenario. That, however, leads to high quality results.photos tfp

TFP does not set such strict requirements. Here you can experiment, that is, all conditions for self-expression are provided. All this contributes to the professional growth of novice photographers. However, this does not mean that this is applicable only to beginners, experts in their field, too, can, if they so wish, do such work, which is likely to become a full-fledged hobby.

Portfolio replenishment

Many people confuse or do not fully understand the photo session on the terms of DFT. What it is? And this dumb question is heard, but now we will understand. It is not by chance that this item comes first in the list of goals pursued. And this primarily relates to beginner photographers who simply do not have their work, as, incidentally, due experience. When hiring any customer, first of all he pays attention to the presence of a portfolio. And if a few decades ago it was not a necessity, then in our time you cannot find a good job without it. And that is characteristic, it is necessary not only for photographers, but also for models.

Portfolio for photographers.For newbies, TFP is a cost advantage. He does not need to invite to the shooting of some popular and popular top model, whose fee for a photo session alone is equal to the monthly earnings of the master. Here it is better to pay attention to a person with little or no experience.

Portfolio for models.Here everything is the same - without high-quality content it is impossible to achieve success and universal attention. Interacting with different photographers, you can get invaluable experience in posing and once again hone your skills.


Some newcomers who already have an idea of ​​what DFT is, are more interested in the experimental component of such a profession. As a result, there may be some interesting and unusual shots. Of course, for a global scale it may still be very far away, but for a number of studios it will be completely to your taste. The main thing is to connect your imagination, which every person has, it just may be far buried. Now is the time to revive it and not be afraid of anything new. It was those who boldly went ahead and did not indulge others' whims that became popular all over the world.tfp models

In the course of conducting experiments, errors will inevitably arise, but without them it is impossible to accumulate experience that is simply invaluable. It will also take some time to build up the skill and create your own original style of photography.

Experiments and creativity

Work on TFP is undoubtedly a creative approach to business. A model or a photographer can be born some original idea, which they together can implement with the help of interesting photos of DFT. First, they discuss all the details, then they take a few probes, and only then they go to direct photography. This work is staged and is almost always difficult. This is once again another confirmation that there is no freebie.

How are selected models

If the photo session is held in compliance with the TFP conditions, the photographer and the model become equal partners. For this reason, it is extremely important that these people feel comfortable communicating with each other, which allows you to quickly find a common language. The model should not only correspond to the image offered by the photographer, she should have a desire to make it a reality.

Many see it as a simple task, which is actually not true. Here a little smile at the camera. This is a real job that can be very difficult. It is important to understand what is cameramaning, and what is posing, and not to confuse them. Knowing what DFP is also helps to avoid misunderstandings.


Based on the chosen style of the photo session, shooting can take 30 minutes or 3 hours or more. It will take a little time to create one image, just like the material itself. Another thing, if the parties agreed to create a whole storyline, and not one. In this case, the result of the work will be more interesting.

After processing all the materials can get from 5 to 20 high quality images. But unlike the professional (paid) work of the master, the result may not turn out as expected. During photography, the model, like the photographer himself, may make mistakes. And if at the retouching stage it is impossible to get rid of the shortcomings, then they will have to be eliminated by re-filming.tfp decoding

To get the desired result, all participants need to give all the best.A simple desire to pose, like photographing, will not bring anything good.

Financial side

There is nothing free in our world, and as you can understand, DFT shooting is not an exception. Costs are also present here, but they do not completely fall on any one person. Consider how they can be divided. For example, a photographer may assume some costs:

  • to rent a room for a photo shoot;
  • on the selection of the necessary props;
  • if necessary, hire a designer.

The model, in turn, can pay:

  • stylist's work;
  • clothing rental;
  • services of the makeup artist or the hairdresser.

In some cases, photographers can provide their own stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers, but this happens very rarely. As a rule, each model has its own personal beauty masters who know all the subtleties.

Often, so that everything is fair, all expenses are summed up and divided equally among all participants. This should be reflected in the contract, otherwise the reason for the dispute may be even the minimum amount.

Nevertheless, there may be situations when one of the parties has a great interest in a future project.Then the main costs are borne by the model or the photographer, depending on who is promoting the idea. This should also be reflected in the contract in order to avoid misunderstanding.

As a conclusion

In order to accurately imagine what DFT is and how everything is arranged, it is necessary to treat this as a job, and not as a fleeting occupation. First of all, this is a mutually beneficial cooperation, from which it is impossible to receive substantial remuneration in the form of a certain amount of cash. This is a real opportunity to create your own portfolio that does not harm anyone, but will even be useful.

The reciprocity of the parties is important, then the result will be more fruitful. At the same time, you need to be prepared for the fact that there will be mistakes, which in the absence of experience simply cannot be avoided. Well, if someone has it, then all the work can be done together, and the result will satisfy both.TFP shooting conditions

The end result depends on both sides. At the same time, it is important for a photographer whether the model is able to keep well in front of the camera and whether it has a desire. In turn, for her the most important thing is to choose that “artist” who knows exactly what he is shooting and how.

And the most important thing: photographers need to be more attentive and not to agree to photographing without the Model Release document. DFT models need to be patient and once again not to bother with the readiness of images.

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