What is commerce?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
May 15, 2015
What is commerce?

At the moment, perhaps, there is no such person who would never come across buying and selling something. Making purchases and carrying out transactions, we provide satisfaction of own needs: whether it is material assets or an investment in self-education and development. From an economic point of view, all these operations are considered commercial, and the area of ​​activity is commerce. Consider what commerce is.

Definition of commerce

Commerce literally translated from Latin ("commercium") means trade. Used in a wide and narrow values.

In a broad sense, commerce refers to all business activities that are carried out by an economic entity: an individual or an organization. Commerce includes the stages of planning economic activity, and its implementation, and the implementation of control over its results. Commercial can be any activity aimed at making a profit through the sale of goods, the provision of services.In a narrow sense, commerce is reduced only to sales transactions.

In modern conditions we can meet various commercial organizations. It can be banks, insurance companies, retail chains, industrial enterprises, which involve the sale of their own products. Perhaps the innovation of recent years has also become e-commerce, which is carried out via the Internet.

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