What is better torrent?

Marina Nazarenko
Marina Nazarenko
March 27, 2013
What is better torrent?

On the Internet, there are often discussions about what is better than a torrent. To date, there are two ways to download from the Internet - torrent and file sharing. To understand, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

The advantages and disadvantages of file hosting

In fact, a file hosting service is called a special virtual space in order to store various files and be able to download them around the clock. The most famous file sharing services are LetItBit (invite), DepositFiles, Turbobit.

Once the file is uploaded to the server, an Internet user receives a link to post it on websites, blogs, or simply send an email to friends. It’s clear that such a link simply cannot guarantee the speed of the download, and it’s impossible to lift particles. Everyone has the opportunity to download this file by clicking on this link.

Advantages of torrents

  • Maximum download speed, provided that several peers are distributing a file.
  • High-speed navigation.If you enter the address of the torrent tracker in the browser's address bar, you can find the necessary files on one site. There are also search engines for various tracks.
  • The full file is being downloaded.
  • The ability to pause the download for the temporary release of the Internet connection for other purposes.
  • Torrent tracker does not store files. If there is a problem with the website, the download process will continue without any loss.

Disadvantages of torrents

  • Availability of mandatory registration on most torrent trackers. The existence of the existing interchange system, the condition of which is the distribution of a certain number of files.
  • If the distribution is low, the files will download slowly. The solution will be if you find the same file on a less popular torrent track.
  • Sometimes the use of a torrent is prohibited by the provider or administrator.

Emule as an alternative to torrents

Many users of Him insist that only this way of downloading files can be better than torrent. He appeared before the torrent and his fans highlight such advantages as:

  • With the help of Emule, you can find files that are prohibited to be stored in trackers.
  • It is possible to exchange messages with the one who downloads and with whom it downloads.

There are also disadvantages and this: rating directly affects the download speed; until you distribute, normally you will not download; not easy to tune.

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