What is an orchestra?

January 27, 2015
What is an orchestra?

Everyone must have played in a school orchestra or at a concert at the philharmonic where a symphony orchestra plays? It is just a miracle when a feeling of harmony arises, and many different instruments play in unison, guided by the general theme of a piece of music. We will tell about what an orchestra is and what types of it exist in this article.


This is a fairly large group of musicians playing harmoniously on many musical instruments, some of which play the same melody (form small groups that sound in unison). The orchestra is different from the ensemble, where each performer is a soloist, actual or potential. Each member of the ensemble has its own party. In the orchestra, several musicians can perform the same. In this case, a group of instruments acquires a sound that is not characteristic of an individual instrument.

Origin of the word

The word "orchestra" is Greek and means - "playground for dancing." In the ancient theater on the "orchestra" was placed the choir.Over time, the stage is transformed into what we now call the “orchestra pit”, which separates the scene from the viewer. And the name passed to the band itself.


  • Symphonic. Orchestra, which is composed of stringed, percussion and wind instruments. Distinguish between small and large. In large - the number of musicians over a hundred people. Harp, harpsichord and organ are often used.
  • Wind. It consists exclusively of instruments of the brass and percussion family.
  • String. In fact, is a string part of the symphony.
  • Orchestra of folk instruments. Compiled, for example, from Russian folk instruments.
  • And also: pop, jazz, military and school orchestras.

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